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Having the perfect features to become fashion model

In the world of fashion when you attain the position you deserve, you are likely to generate loads of money, for that you must have the right physical attributes and looks. And there would be many people who will admire you for your good looks as well as for your talent. Even though it is a very challenging and competitive career, thousands of boys and girls are dreaming to become a successful fashion model but only a few can understand, what it takes to get into the business. It takes more than physical looks or beauty; you also need to have specific expression, emotion, which helps to face the stiff competition in the world of fashion industry as well as in your competitor community.

It is a wrong misconception that beauty will make you a model but talent is a necessary factor for anyone to become successful.  Plenty of attractive men and women who want to become a model are unsuccessful due to lack of this required talent. To become a model your look has to be marketable. While in front of the camera just viewing the object will constitutes only one aspect of modelling, and there is lot of other things which will meets the eye. It is about having the right look and that depends on what type of model you are and what are you modelling for. You should be able to expose or portray an emotion through your facial expressions and body language. The company which signed you would have trust that your face or body would help them to increase their sales. You should have to create a good impression in the market to which it is catering to. By hiring you as model, the company expects you to make anything look appealing with your presence or exhortation.

If the models are not able to sell the product for which they are modelling for, then there is no use in having them in the ads. To get the right returns from the models the right posture as well as the right gait must be practiced and learned. Promotion in modelling is not influenced by the personality and inner beauty of the model. It is essential that some extent of unique looks must always accompany a fashion model. A female model bust and hips have to be 34 inches ideally; and her waist has to be 24 inches and their height should be minimum 5 feet and 8 inches or more to secure more chances in the fashion world.

As there are various types of modelling are prevailing in the fashion world the vital statistics or measurements will also vary depending upon the type of modelling. For example skinny and tall people are generally opt by the modelling houses and agencies but there are also an option for over weight people called plus size modelling which is for people with bigger figures and features. An average sized woman may not fall into either of the categories. But there are still some modelling agencies and fashion houses that are hesitant to accept models that are underweight or over weight.

Saree Blouse Designs: How To Choose The Most Flattering Saree Blouse

Saree blouse designs keep changing with the fashion trends. Several designs and styles are available in sari blouses like halter neck, spaghetti strap blouses, tie-ups, big bow back, single shoulder, low wide neck, puff style and others. Sari color and fabric should be chosen according to height, figure and complexion. The beauty of saris depends on another factor- the blouse designs. That is why women pick their blouses with utmost care. A wrongly chosen blouse can destroy the image of a perfect Indian sari and all your efforts to look attractive can go in vain.

Like sarees, saree blouse designs should be chosen according to the height and figure. When nearly all of the blouse designs look beautiful on women with well-tone curves or slim body, it is not necessary that the same designs look good on plumpy women. Plus size women should not wear just any type of blouse and should be cautious while investing on designer sari blouses. Here, we are going to discuss the different saree blouse designs that suit different type of figures and heights.
Circular or square neck blouses look great on taller women. Shorter women should wear oval or rectangular shape neck blouses. The depth of the neck should be according to your comfort level.

High collar blouses look good on women with thin and long necks, but women with short height and short neck should strictly avoid high color blouses. Ladies who have very long necks should avoid V-shaped and U-shaped neck styles. Halter neck blouses are fashionable and stylish and look great on thin woman. Halter necks with v-halter back design are very famous among Bollywood actresses. Slim or thin women also wear spaghetti strap blouses. They are very bold to carry, but if you find yourself comfortable enough in these blouses, then they can give you a very sensual look. Ladies with thin arms should try blouses with puffy sleeves.

V-neck blouses are the best for the women with short and thick necks. V-necks are the classic saree blouse designs that make you look slimmer. You can also make the back of the blouse V-shaped. Ladies with plus size should wear blouses with long sleeves and avoid sleeveless ones. Long sleeve blouses are traditional and go well with all kinds of sarees. Especially, if you are wearing a saree with heavy embroidery or stonework you should wear a long sleeve simple blouse. The length of the sleeves depends on your choice. If you can blend the V-neck, V-back and long sleeves together, nothing can suit you better than that. Wide neck blouses also give you a slimmer look.

You have many choices in sarees and saree blouse designs. All you have to do is to pick the one that is made for you. Select the one that is trendy, suits you and you are most comfortable in. If you will feel comfortable, you will feel confident. We all are beautiful, but the most gorgeous look is the confident look.

Tips to be a Successful Commercial Model

Had you ever seen a fashion model in some exotic places? Traveling to exotic places, wear latest cloths and accessories from top designers, fearuring the cover page of various magazines are part of the benefits for fashion models. Did you ever thought of becoming a fashion model?

Starting a career as a fashion model right away is not always possible. The aspiring model should work with smaller modeling agencies, in smaller campaigns and gain popularity. Once you become popular you can be invited to exclusive events, participating shows with celebrities and traveling to many parts of the world. Very soon you too will become a celebrity.

Fashion modeling is tough to get in to, with high competition because top models are earning thousands of dollars a day. So the completion is naturally fierce. Apart from monetary benefits, popularity and celebrity status is also another reason for high competition.

Fashion industry is looking for different models for different types of audience. Fashion designers are now targeting all types of audience to sell their fashions. Perfect good looking models with great looks, good hair and figure have great opportunities. Now the market is looking for petite, the plus size, the teen, the mature both in male and female models too since the fashion designers are not willing to loose customers from any segment of population.

One can start off as catalog model, show room model, television model before entering in to fashion modeling. If you are hired by a top modeling agency with more demand, your growth potential is immense in the industry. For the right people with dedication and passion towards modeling, it is a highly paying career.

Although getting in to the modeling industry is tougher, it is offering good rewards for people with good motivation, longing to succeed, it is worth taking the tough ride in fashion modeling industry.


Enhance Your Eye Beauty With Funky Colored Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses are considered as medical devices which can be worn to correct the vision and it can be for any reason whether for cosmetic or therapeutic reasons. These types of lenses are designed with latest technology features which make them easy to wear for any individual person. It can be easily classified in different manners. Moreover they can be easily separate by their main function, material used in making them and many others. Corrective contact lenses are one of the major functions of these lenses which are purely designed to improve eye sight and visualization power. The common feature of these lenses is to correct refractive error.

Don’t want to be a part of the crowd then stand out and be noticed, then go for colored, funky contact lenses. These contact lenses are available in 3 options: visibility shades, enhancement shades and opaque color shades. Colored contact lenses are available in Plano that is for cosmetic purposes, as well as designs for people who need prescribed lenses. Most colored contact lenses are disposable.

Whether it is for Halloween party, fancy dress competition or for clubbing; you always sure to wear the funky colored contact lenses and makes you look different from other. Create beautiful blue eyes with these funky contact lenses. They have a gorgeous range of colors that looks absolutely stunning.

Classic colored lenses are a great way to change your visual appearance, not just blue we sell colors and shades of the following groups like as Blue, green, aqua, violet, grey and hazel. Funky fashion patterned lenses will change the look of your eyes, a block of color or a striking pattern gives you the chance to change your whole look and attitude of your life. White-out shades or a design with mixing of colors complete your funky look, green cat eye lenses are great for a crazy looking alien and red block are hot devilish fun. There are many cool, crazy and funky designs to choose from.

These fashion contact lenses offer exceptional comfort and great value and customer would love to choose a pair or a single lens for freaky cool style.

  • They are available a single lens or pair
  • Have great funky design contact lenses
  • They are exceptional and gives full day comfort
  • They are Ideal for dark and light colored eyes

Remember also it is always advisable to have the eyes tested before wearing cosmetic or prescription contact lenses. It is suggested to buy the lenses from the shops who especially designed the lenses.

Get to buy bags online and also grab your clutches online in the new season

The online shopping has made life much easier as now you can buy your favourite item at just one click, and save your time and energy from moving around the different shops to choose your needful things. Now you can even buy bags online with the various online bag brands and shopping carts giving online sales for these bags and it makes your buy bags online spree more interesting and magnanimous.

The stylish buy bags online to your content

There are many benefits to buy bags online as the first things which attracts you to this type of shopping is that the wide range of choices you would get to choose the best and the most affordable one in the list. Even you can buy from the branded names in the bags genre. These buy bags online  would now make your life more easy and stylish with the class trendy designs on sale and you can carry them for all types of events, starting from the evening dinners, to morning lunch and even for high teas. Every event has a different style bag available in the market, and now with the buy bags online service you can easily get these bags at your finger tips you have to just choose the brand, colour and style and pay on delivery or sometimes online and enjoy a new fashionable bag for yourself this year with the latest few additions in the family of bags.

The clutches online would make you go crazy for them

For the evening parties with your long and beautiful gown the best accessory would be a designer clutch, so now with the various different clutches online  you can enjoy having one of them for your coming events making yourself the new style diva of the town. The best brands and designs are available in the clutches online ranges and the prices are also quite affordable which you can easily get for yourself to grab everyone’s notice to them. Some of the few brands here available from the clutches online are as follows,

  • The Glint Clutch
  • The Canaday Lizard Clutch
  • The Aiyana Clutch
  • The Famous Ajana Clutch
  • Lulu Clutch
  • Ella Clutch
  • The Kendal Envelope Clutch
  • Patricia Clutch For Style
  • Lonna Clutch Style
  • Belinda Evening Clutch
  • Rosalie Oversized Clutch
  • The Giggy Clutch
  • The Arena Perspex Clutch
  • The Brightness Clutch
  • Stella Clutch
  • Molton Metallic Clutch
  • Speedy Leather Convertible Bag And Clutch

These are the few names which are commonly used in the market, but with time more trends are being introduced to the buyers and it are for sure any woman would go crazy for these clutches online and get the dream clutch for oneself. Just now give a brief visit to the online stores as many new ranges and styles have been added to the clutch genre and choose the one for yourself and add to your accessory list another masterpiece in advance.

Select a beautiful piece of gold jewelry


Elegance and loveliness of gold jewelleries cannot be replaced by any other thing. Women are always fascinated to wear beautiful collections of jewels in special occasions. In the recent years, online shopping sites change the way of purchasing in a different manner. There is no need to visit jewel shops to grab your favourite gold gatherings. It is possible to search and purchase your desired jewels within the comfort of your home. You have to accept that Italian gold jewels cannot be restored by any other ornaments. Intricate details and delicate curves in italian gold jewelry show excel of craftsmanship. These kinds of obscure works make each piece as an unparalleled object. In the earlier days, Italian jewelry comes up with simple and plain designs. But, today most of the Italian designers have implemented their imaginative skills in the jewelleries to create modernist designs effectively. Different styles are used in the creation of utterly feminine and delicate gold jewels. Classic collections of Italian jewels will catch the attention of everyone in high range.

Grace and radiance of Italian designer jewelry

Italian designers are well-known and popular for their elegant and beautiful gold designs. People from all over the world are interested to purchase italian gold jewelry as because of its wonderful art pieces. It is assured that you can meet your expectations in the Italian jewels. Find out numerous collections of Italian jewelleries in the online world. Dissimilar colors are used in the jewels as per the fashion and season. Diverse kinds of materials are combined together to form a new unique designs for the delight of users. You can compare the prices and designs in the online website and then you can select your desired one. It will not take more time and efforts on it. It is guaranteed that the gold jewels are created with the usage of first-class materials and it is worth for your payment.

  • Italian designers spend plentiful amounts of time for creating new attractive designs
  • They transform their imagination and originality on the metal of royalty.
  • Fashionable and decorative designs are attained much fame in all over the globe

Discover the charm of Italian jewels

A mixture of ceramic and coral in Italian jewels is extremely stylish and graceful. Bracelets and rings are specially designed for both men and women. Pearls and some other precious stores are also adorned in the jewels. Crafted and painted works of designer in the jewels will satisfy your needs in high range. Eye catching earrings and necklaces will meet your needs at reasonable rates. Designers have the capacity to alter the dull metal into shining metals. You can adore yourself by Italian jewels in any special events. In addition, you can enhance your beauty with adorable dress so that every guest will stare on you. Italian jewels will expose your style and fashion. You can notice each piece of Italian jewels to identify the personality of Italian designer. People in all ages are attracted by Italian gold collections as because of its unique artworks.

Purchase the high quality mannequins from a branded firm

1.Purchase the high quality mannequins from a branded firm

It is very common to see the dummies in the fashion stores and the tailor shops. These dummies are used to show the latest arrivals of costumes and that will best suit for them. It will be shown in front of the store or tailor shop in order to attract the viewers. If the dressing is best suit with the dummies then the buyers will be interested to buy the clothes. Basically, the dummies can be easily mantled and dismantled. That’s why it is quite easy to make them wear different kinds of dress and it will be very fit to those dummies. It is similar to the human structures and available in different sizes such as Men, Women and for the Kids. The tailor shops should purchase the best tailors dummy to expose their art of work.

The importance of sewing dummies:

The professional tailor dummy, which is also well known as the Sewing Dummy is an essential tool. These dummies guarantees an ideal fit to the garments, which are tailor-made. Nowadays, it is easy to purchase these tools from the online portals like It is a specialized portal, which allows the users to purchase the dressing dummies in affordable prices. The La Rosa manufactures the stylish dummies that meet the expectation of tailor shops since 1992. It has a wide range of collections which best suit with all kind of dressing styles. It provides both the traditional and modern look and that’s why many of the leading tailoring shops around the world prefer this brand.

The best dressmaker’s dummies:

The dummies should have some unique qualities because normal and standard dummies cannot be best suit with all kinds of styles. Here some of the main features of La Rose dummies are given.

2.Purchase the high quality mannequins from a branded firm

  • The La Rose is the one stop shop for purchasing the high quality dressmaker’s dummies and the buyers no need to search anywhere about these products. The entire details about the dummies are well explained in its official website.
  • The company is using the high-end materials in order to manufacture the sewing dummies. The woolen jersey, crepe tough polyester and the metallic eco leather are used while finishing the ends.
  • The professionals of this company pay a great attention while designing and manufacturing them. The company accepts the custom modification from their customers and let them to have the finest tailors dummy.
  • It promotes both adjustable and non-adjustable dummies to their customers. These are available in different materials, sizes and colors. It includes the lacquered blue, brown caramel, ivory, copper and champagne.
  • The dummies from this company are made to satisfy the needs of customers. The prices are reasonable and the products have the long lasting quality.

The customers are allowed to purchase separately for men and women dummies or they can purchase them as sets. It also let the users to get particular accessories for the dummies in cheap prices. The La Rose guarantees the quality for all their products.

Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth and Your Budget

When our sweet tooth demands it, we must comply! Sometimes a cookie is just too good to pass up. I’m supposed to be working here, but even starting this blog entry is making me crave a white chocolate chunk cookie fresh out of the oven- so distracting. Back to the topic at hand! When you are craving a sweet but worried that your budget will not allow it, it’s time to get creative with your sweets purchasing.

Did you know that you can actually find incredibly delicious cookies that will ship right to your doorstep? And not just cookies, Cheryl will bake you pies, cakes, and all other kinds of goodies. You can shop online, from the convenience of wherever you are reading this same piece. Just confirm your order and once the items come out of the oven, off they will go toward your home!

Did you know that the above-mentioned baked goods are actually regularly available at deep discounts and sale prices? Through a new partnership with Groupon, Cheryl is offering huge discounts and sales. Not that you should be spending hundreds of dollars on baked goods, given your budget and all, but you can save hundreds of dollars through this offering. Right now, Cheryl and Groupon are joining forces to offer $10 off any order over $30 (that’s potentially 33% off!), 20% off any order size, a 15% off coupon, and free shipping to all military bases. And that is just right now- Groupon regularly updates the coupons and discounts that are available. Be sure to check back regularly to see if there are new deals that will interest you.

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth but are trying to respect your budget decisions- fear not! Cheryl and Groupon are here to help satisfy your cravings and your budgetary needs.

Swinging 60s Dress Styles Revealed

The 1960s offered a revolution in fashion, with far fewer restrictions and much more choice, and this was reflected in the exquisite variation of wedding dresses that were seen.


Image Credit

As documented by the BBC, the wedding dress has evolved over the years with the 1960s seeing a stunning variation of designs that are still much sought-after for those looking for a vintage dress with a difference today.

The Edwardian Style

A popular choice is the Edwardian style wedding dress, which was worn by Princess Grace in 1956. Despite being before the 60s, this style of dress still dominated through the decade as brides sought the elegant, romantic and traditional feel that Princess Grace’s iconic dress created. This design features long sleeves, lace trims, a high neckline and a fitted bodice, creating a chic and altogether demure feel.

The Babydoll

The mid-60s moved away from emphasising the waist and bust and moved towards a style that had a more girlish, understated charm. Inspired by Twiggy, these wedding dresses took on a softer design, finishing at the ankle and with shaping seams located under the bust.

Fur and Feathers

The wedding dress with a trim (feather or fur) became increasingly popular towards the late 60s. Trimming cuffs, hoods, hems and necklines, this detailing adds a one-off style to any dress like when Cilla Black famously wore a mini trimmed in feathers when she married Bobby Willis in 1969. There are numerous design ideas for this style of dress available online from style advisors such as Style and the Bride and others.


By the late 1960s, designers such as Paco Rabanne and Pierre Cardin were experimenting with modern shapes and a more low-key design. The A-line dress boasted structured fabrics and clean, understated lines. For those looking for something with a timeless elegance, this design is perfect as it brings a chic look with complimenting lines and an unwavering beauty, and is arguably one of the most beautiful wedding dress designs to date.

The Mini

Potentially the most iconic of 1960’s fashion, the mini is still a statement piece for any bride today. Offering an adventurous twist and one that will cause a stir, just as it did when Yoko Ono married John Lennon, it’s perfect for those who want to show off their legs and opt for something with a unique style.

Going to the Countryside: What Should You Take with You? 

When a guy offers you to go to the countryside it always becomes a problem to look fabulous but not fitting into the scene, or to look like a homeless and be able to do whatever the weekend brings. This is always a tough decision to make. But we found the decision and middle between the English Lady style and a homeless – French Provence. Read on and learn a little more about looking perfect in any situation!

But before we begin a little tip, if it is not so warm and the weather might get bad, buy Hunter shoes made of rubber to still look nice but be protected of getting a cold on the most romantic weekend!

So what clothes do you actually need to take with?

You know that dresses and the best options for any occasion. Of course, do not take a red-carpet dress for a countryside evening, but think about the light floral prints that will look perfect if you add a couple of accessories. Also remember to opt for comfortable cuts so that you feel relaxed and will enjoy your day there.

Shorts are a perfect option if you plan to walk a lot or climb any mountains there. They give you the freedom of movements and also can match with basically anything you take with you. When imagining shorts do not think only about jeans options, there are lots of khaki  shorts and up-till-knee options.

This is a must-have for you, because evenings can be pretty cold outside of the city. Moreover, if the weather get worse then pants will be a perfect addition or if you are going to the forest they will help you avoid being bitten by insects. Make sure that they are stretchy enough so that you will feel comfortable wearing them.

These items are similar to dresses: they are easy to wear, can be short or long, but make sure to find the right top and that you take a skirt that you are not afraid to spoil by stains in order not to make a show of spoiling your favorite skirt.

All you need is a pack of several T-shirts, because they are easy to wear, they are comfortable to move at and are perfect for any kind of bottom you choose to wear. If talking about styles, opt for boho chic, sleeveless or long sleeved shirts.

Sweaters, cardigans
Do not forget to take something warm for cool evenings or bad weather. Do not take too bright and short sweaters because all in all you will regret such choice of yours.

According to the reviews of active life lovers, the best thing you can do is get Naturalizer shoes and wear these sandals with any clothes you choose. These shoes will work perfectly with any outfit you decide to take with you and they are comfortable to walk in for long distances.

And the last thing to remember is accessories. Take a hat and do not forget about the sunglasses to look more romantic. Be also practical and think about an umbrella in case of a rainy day.

Women love to browse in Shopping Centers

How long have men griped that ladies invest hours “shopping” without purchasing anything.

What could rouse ladies to discard their time so pointlessly? Maybe, as the quote beneath distinguishes, ladies basically pick up joy from the action – or, if running with companions, it gives them with a setting to social collaboration.

Unmistakably, shopping and scanning satisfy enthusiastic requirements. Specialists Falk and Campbell contend that Shopping is seen as crucial not on the grounds that it is the main method for acquiring data about the full scope of things accessible for procurement, additionally on the grounds that it is perceived that it is just through direct presentation to things available to be purchased that the experience of “yearning” which general “needing” can happen. Be that as it may, notwithstanding this, the movement of shopping whether any buys are made or not. They allude, for instance, to the joy to be had in ‘quite recently glancing around’, in a way which recommends that an on a very basic level stylish and expressive satisfaction is included (Falk and Campbell, 1997 p. 170)

So here we have it. Ladies will allude to shopping as a ‘trek’, considering it to be a recreation action in its own privilege. One of the 6 center requirements of people is association. We have to interface. Can’t do that on the web, eh?

Here is an idea Girls Hire a personal stylist Melbourne by visiting

I’m very persuaded numerous ladies shop with no goal to buy. On the off chance that the retailer can connect with them, they will get the deal.

Everything comes down to the experience for the customer and how the retailer can connect with them.

In the event that you are a retailer, how are you making the experience for your customer.

Why Colour is so Important in Fashion

Colour is the first thing other people notice about us, and its impact is immediate and long-lasting. Our fashion colour choices say a lot about the image we are trying to portray and how we feel about ourselves. So what does colour tell people?

Within seconds of meeting you, others will respond to the ‘colour messages’ flashed by your clothes. Different colours can make people feel a certain way. In fact, it has been determined by medical science that colour can influence the viewer’s hormones, blood pressure and body temperature. Colour also has an impact on:

* Your apparent shape;
* Your apparent weight;
* Your apparent personality;
* Your emotions
* Others emotions

Other important considerations are how appropriate the colour is for the location, occasion, time of year, your age and of course, your natural colouring.

We are all influenced by colour every day, whether we realise it or not. If we’re having a bad day and not feeling good about ourselves, we tend to automatically choose clothes in dull neutral colours like black, grey or brown because they match how we’re feeling. Just as when we’re happy and feeling great we will go for something a bit brighter.

Have a look in your Joules wardrobe and see how many different colours you own. Do you have a veritable rainbow of outfits? Or are there just 1 or 2 colours that you wear a variation of all the time? You may find you are stuck in a colour rut. Knowing this, why not experiment with the colours you wear and surround yourself with.

Sometimes it is not just the colour itself, but a combination of colours that create the affect. Colours produce different reactions when used in different fabrics and when put together in different colour combinations. Joules Sale For example, a red jacket worn with a white shirt to a business meeting exhibits confidence and power, but a red jacket worn with a lacy red top may be interpreted as saying, “I’m sexy and exciting and I have other things on my mind besides this business meeting”.

Red is actually not the best colour to wear to a job interview as it can set the scene for an uneasy interaction between females. So what colours are appropriate for what situation?

Here is a list of the colours that men respond well to, both socially and professionally.

* Yellow: Holds their attention and keeps them alert; indicates the start of something new

* Yellow-based reds: Energetic colour that keeps conversations going

* True reds: Exhibits confidence

* Burgundy: Reflects class and sophistication and attracts the same type of men

* Mid-range blues: Puts others at ease and allows interactions to go smoothly

* Sky blue: A calming colour

* Navy blue: Signals that you want to be taken seriously; it inspires others to listen to what you have to say and displays that you are trustworthy

* Blue-based reds: Suggests intelligence and femininity

* Red violet: Suggests strength and creativity

It is most important though, to choose colours that are a good fit for your natural colouring like Joules Clothing. There is no point choosing a colour that suggests creativity and confidence if it also makes you look washed out or sick.

Wearing your best range of colours can have a huge impact on your wardrobe and your confidence. The right colours can make your skin tone appear more even, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles and make you look brighter and healthier. While on the other hand wearing a colour which isn’t so good for you, can make you look tired, dull and even ill. A colour analysis with a professional image consultant will show you exactly which range of colours are best for your clothing, makeup and accessories.

In short, our fashion colour choices tell the world a lot about us. Knowing how to use colour to your advantage can change the way you dress and boost your self-confidence.

Introduction To Fashion Accessories

Are you curious about updating your appearance, at the least when it comes to your fashion? If you are, you will not only want to examine the very latest in fashion trends, as far as clothing, but you may also want to examine the latest trends in fashion accessories Fashion accessories are rapidly increasing in popularity, although many still have no idea what they are.

With regards to fashion accessories, you’ll find that a number of differing products are included. Fashion accessories, like fashion clothing pieces, are available in variety of differing sizes, shapes, and styles. You can find fashion accessories that are created for kids, youth, men, females, small sized, and plus sized individuals. A handful of of the countless fashion products that you may want to look at at one of your neighborhood fashion stores or on-line are outlined below.

Probably the most popular fashion accessory types is that of jewelry. As it had been previously discussed, fashion accessories are designed for all varieties individuals, irrespective of age or gender. For teens and youngsters, fashion jewelry items that are fashionable frequently include vibrant pieces, and charm necklaces or charm bracelets. When it comes to guys, a popular piece of jewelry frequently consists of large pendant necklaces, many of which exhibit a cross or other popular or meaningful symbol. As for women, trendy pieces of fashion jewelry may include earnings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, and so on.

Another kind of fashion accessory that you may be interested in owning is a purse or even a handbag. Teens and girls most commonly own purses and handbags. A purse is often used to describe a bag which is smaller or compact in size and handbags are often a little bigger. Handbags and purses come in variety of differing styles; thus, it’s common for many women and teenagers to possess more than one purse or handbag. In fact, a lot of individuals out there want to match their fashion accessories, including their purses and handbags, with the clothing that they wear.

In conjunction with handbags and purses, travel bags are sometimes considered a fashion accessory. Travel bags are similar to purses and handbags, but you will find that they are often designed for both women and for men. A travel bag might include a smaller bag that can be used as a carryon bag for an airplane ride, a diaper bag, as well as a laptop carrying case and so on.

Shoes and boots are also considered a fashion add-on, although many don’t necessarily consider them to be. Most often, women’s shoes and boots are associated as fashion accessories, as opposed to males’s boots or shoes.

Among the reasons for that is due to the large choice of women’s shoe types that you can find available for sale. For example, it’s more than possible to seek out athletic shoes, casual sandals, elegant sandals, flat dress shoes, high-heeled shoes, and so on. Like handbags and purses, many women possess several pairs of shoes or boots and many attempt to coordinate their shoes, specially for work, with the rest of their ensemble.

Another one of the many differing kinds of fashion accessories available for purchase are belts. For many men and boys, belts are not necessarily considered a fashion accessory, as much as they are a way to hold pants up; but, the same doesn’t actually ring true for females. females’s belts are available in a number of different sizes, shapes, and styles. That is certainly among the reasons why females’s belts and belts that may be designed for children and for teenagers are often considered as fashion accessories. There are belts available which have been designed for wearing with a casual pair of jeans, as well as a pair of traditional kaki pants for work.

Belts, handbags, purses, travel bags, jewelry, and boots and shoes are just a few of the countless fashion accessories which you are likely find on the market at one of our local fashion stores as well as on the internet. As a reminder, fashion accessories are an effective way to spice up any wardrobe, especially one that could use an updating.

The History Of Harem Pants

In the mind of the average westerner, the latest fashion trend known as harem pants might seem more like a throwback to those few years covering the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Although we might reminisce with a smile the phrase “Hammer time!”, the history of harem pants runs much deeper than a simple vintage look from a not too distant period in fashion.

The current fashion trend known as harem pants can be traced back nearly 2,000 years to the traditional garments known as salvars worn in western and southwestern Asia. The pants are known there by many names depending on the region, and they are can be worn by both men and women. Some variations on the name for the style of pants are salwar, shalvar, or shalvaar.

In Persian, the word literally means pants, as it is the Persians who first developed pants as a form of garment. Unlike in the past when garments were intended to promote modesty, modern versions of the salvars worn by women feature slits on the sides up to the waistline with the waist area slung low over the hips – although this style is mostly reserved for parties and other social functions. Also in some modern cultures of western Asia, harem pants are known as Kurdish pants, and it is not uncommon for families to have these pants on hand as comfortable house clothing into which their guests may change when lounging.

In western culture, these baggy pants were introduced as a women’s article of clothing in the mid-1800’s, although at the time they soon came to be known as “bloomers” and “Turkish trousers”. These women’s pants were known as bloomers because of early women’s rights advocate Amelia Bloomer’s penchant for wearing the trousers and for the fact the style of trouser originates in western Asia. They were marketed as a form of women’s dress that would allow for an active lifestyle without compromising a woman’s decency, but they failed to catch on and were rejected by western society at large until their reintroduction again in the early 1900’s.

In 1909, harem pants were brought back into the fashion collective consciousness by French designer Paul Poiret, with the pants being worn below a tunic draped over the upper body. Unfortunately this trend failed as well, and harem pants were again relegated to being worn for women’s sports. Women and girls who participated in active sports and in physical education type settings wore pants resembling the modern harem pant, i.e. baggy short pants drawn together at the knees, up through the 1980’s. Women wore knee length undergarments known as bloomers or knickers throughout this same time period.

In more recent times and like the garments from which they take their inspiration, harem pants are a fashion trend that is not confined to just women or men. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, harem pants were again brought into the main stream by the quirky stylings of then hip-hop superstar MC Hammer. The style was worn by both men and women, and confined more to a younger consumer group.

As of 2009, harem pants are making a comeback. But unlike their late twentieth century forerunner, today’s harem pants are proving to be a fashion statement to be made by the sleek, sophisticated, and chic. Modern harem pants are a sort of cross between a short skirt and skinny jeans, and you get the benefits of both without any of the shortcomings. The legs are typically fitted at the knees with a loose, baggy crotch area made to look as if it were designed for a skirt. It might sound off the wall, but it makes for a great unconventional look with abundant possibilities for completing your look.

Philip Smouha – Decades In The Fashion Industry

It has been said by many that the fashion industry is a cut-throat one. An industry that is very hard to succeed in simply due to the nature of how garments in particular change hands from manufacturers to end users.

The Smouha fabric company was a company that managed to successfully trade fabrics in Australia since 1950. That was until the Global financial crisis affected the customers of Smouha fabrics and they were unable to repay loans owed to the company.

We can still learn a lot about a fabric company that succeeded in this ‘cut-throat’ industry. It was due to their great reputation, good service and above all else their commitment to stocking only the highest quality fabrics.

Smouha fabrics have lived through government changes in the last few decades which affected many importers. The government increasing the allowance of off shore manufacturing by reducing duties and tariffs is one such example. Even when competition became fierce with cheaper prices on offer to designers and manufacturers Smouha fabrics remained a trusted supplier. This was due to the fabric company delivering exactly what their customers wanted while financing them at the same time.

The fabric empire was started by Philip’s father Charles, originally from Manchester in the UK which traditionally was the textile centre. Long before the company traded millions of dollars each year the family business began with the goal of just surviving. The business continued to grow through many fashion trends from the 50’s to today because of their great style and depth of knowledge of where trends were headed.

Philip Smouha, the director of the 49 year old family business has since found his footing after closing a chapter in his life and is successfully building companies once again. His son is involved in running a beer company called Lucky beer with him. The company has already had a great impact in Australia and off shore due to the cheeky nature of the marketing and original idea which no body has come up with before.

The solid principles of supporting customers and providing them with exactly what they need from the decades in the fashion industry have obviously not gone to waste. The Smouha family continue to live very successful lives.

If You’ve Never Had Indian Food, What Should You Try First?

Each individual has always been unique and one of a kind, each has totally different tastes and preferences in all kind of things, may it be in clothing or fashion style, tastes in movies books, and especially in food. Food preferences depend upon the country they originated at. It is that. Chinese are fond of their own Chinese delicacies; Italian people are into pastas and pizzas, and many more.

However, there are tendencies when people opt to something new, something different that would tingle their taste buds, that is why delicacies form different parts of the world are made available in other countries too. Chinese food are famous for their raw ingredients, sushi, sashimi, and the likes, Italian food spread all over the world as most people love pastas, and pizzas, then, there is Indian delicacies. Indian food are known for its spices, the delicacies have distinctive taste and very flavourful mostly are also hot and spicy. So, for those who want their taste buds to get fiery, Indian food is the best choice.

If one hasn’t tasted Indian food yet, be better prepared of how it may make you feel after the first bite. Most of Indian foods are spicy, so for those who can’t tolerate hot food, better brace you. Also, because of the load of spices in one delicacy, the flavour may not be distinctive as you will experience layers of tastes, thus the taster must prepare himself of the experience. With India having a diverse culture and a colourful variety of traditions, there is also a unique difference between each regions and sometimes, one recipe will have a distinctive way of cooking in each region, having a slightly difference to taste for each which depends on the group of people’s preference. Indian cuisine however is known for its being very flavourful and spicy.

For those who haven’t tried Indian food yet, and is willing to experience such a delectable event, the best recipe to try first is a recipe of curry. Curry is very famous and a trademark of Indian cuisine and having tasted it will verify an Indian ingredient. Curry may come in various ways to be cooked and usually, it is a spicy dish, thus the first taster must help himself with this and be prepared for the hotness and tingling sensation afterwards.

Curry is full of flavour and offers a layer of tastes, so if you are up for this kind of food, then one wouldn’t regret opting for Indian food. Indian delicacies are also known for their kebabs, so, for meat lovers and grill enthusiast, kebab would be a first choice, it offers a lot of flavour too, and it is protein rich. This dish may also come in a variety of ways to be cooked, but basically, this involves meat, may it be lamb, pork of beef. Lamb kebab is well known in India and is sought after by the tourists, so, try having this one and you’ll surely ask for more. Indian food is all about variation, spices and flavour. It will give the taster, a very unique experience on the table.

Plain Kurta Pyjama: Latest Choice Of Indian Men

Kurta pyjama is a comfortable casual wear that has become fashion statement for contemporary Indian men. The loose long shirt, whose length is just above or below the knee is called Kurta. Plain kurtas may or may not have collars. If it is with collar, then the collar is short and round. Kurta pyjama has been integral part of Indian fashion from the days of emperors. Earlier it was exclusively for men but now it has evolved as an unisex dress and part of Indian women’s clothing. Men usually prefer to wear it with loosely fitted pyjamas or tightly fitted churiders. Due to comfort and simple style it is increasingly popular among Indian men who prefer it for formal and casual occasions.

Pyjamas are usually made of cotton, silk or matching material of the accompanying kurtas and are simple in design and color. All the designs and cuts are for kurtas. The sleeves of kurta are very comfortable and fall straight to wrist. There is no cuff in the wrist, and the side seems are left open so the wearer can have free movement. In general plain kurtas have short openings centered on chest, without collar. However, of late, some are coming up with short ‘stand up’ Nehru collar. Indian fashion industry has responded to this growing demand of plain kurta pyjama by offering various attractive combinations of color and materials to give it a subtle but distinctly stylish look. In Britain, Canada and Bengal kurta is also called ‘panjabi’.

Popularity of plain kurta pyjama in Indian fashion may be attributed to the flexibility it offers for all occasions. It can be used as night dress, for casual and social gathering, religious occasions and the young men can even wear it to college. The basic idea is to be comfortable as well as making unique style statement. Plain kurta pyjamas worn during summer are mostly made of silk or cotton. For the winter collection the kurtas made of khadi silk or wools are used.

Fastening the opening of kurta is a stylish affair. Ready-made plain kurtas offers tassled ties, cloth balls or loops and stylish buttons to fasten the opening on chest. Plain kurtas worn on formal occasions may have decorative golden buttons. Such buttons are not sewn to the kurta but used in the same way as a western style cuff-links are used in shirts. Plain kurta pyjamas in Indian fashion are generally kept simple but many light color summer kurtas made of semi-transparent cotton may have ‘chikan’ embroidery to give it subtle and ornate appeal.

There are various websites of contemporary Indian fashion, offering wide assortment of plain kurta pyjama to complement different occasions and personalities. Online shopping clothes from India has picked up pace as these websites offer amazing collection of latest garments to select and easy procedure to procure. Now, shopping for plain kurta pyjama is easy for Indian men all over the world. As for plain kurta pyjama they can choose from different shades of cotton like maroon, orange, white, cream, black and navy blue. While these are colors of kurta, the pyjamas are white in all cases. The designs and cuts are simple but elegant. Actual rate, shipping cost, mode of payment and authenticity of the website must be verified before proceeding to place the order.

Discounted Camilla Kaftans: Now, Looking Stylish Won’t Cost You

Kaftans are the trend for this season. Whether you have to go to work or for a casual lunch with friends or for a cocktail party, dress yourself in a designer Kaftan to sport that effortless cool and chic, yet classy look. For that distinguished style statement, you could buy Camilla kaftans.

Camilla Kaftans come from the fashion house of Camilla-a world renowned Australian fashion designer. Although, the Camilla label includes flamenco dresses, kimonos, jumpsuits and Geisha coats, it has earned great reputation in the world of Kaftans. Made of luxurious fabric, these kaftans are a rare mix of simplicity and style. Further, these kaftans are available in a wide array of designs and patterns, styles, and colours to meet varied tastes and preferences.

You may buy a floral print kaftan or the one with leopard print in short or knee-length, beaded kaftan or the one with frills and laces. With Camilla kaftans, you really will be spoilt for choices. This is not all. These kaftans let you suit them your individual style statement. For instance, you can accessorise it with a studded belt or hangings, or with a pair of heels or flat sandals for sporting a cool look or a formal appearance.

If you are conscious about the hefty price tag of these designer kaftans, you may visit; it is a top-of-the-line Australia fashion boutique that is offering great discounts on Camilla kaftans and dresses.

You may go for Tulipanna Short Lace up Kaftan, a hand beaded black and white tulip print silk chiffon available at a discount of 40%. Team it up with a pair of jeans or leggings or with tights for that urbane cool look. However, if you are looking for something long, check out Python Long Lace Up Kaftan. This is a Python print silk chiffon with hand beading. Wear oversized glasses and high heeled wedges along with it for that stylish look.

In addition to the kaftans, you may also check out dresses. Closet Princess has Leopard tie strap dress and Porcelain long sleeve dress available at 20 and 30% discount respectively.

This Australian fashion boutique offers discounts on several other luxury fashion brands like Lisa Ho, Thurley, Nicola Finetti, Third Millennium, Fernando Frisoni, Lisa Brown, Shona Joy, and those from many other Australian fashion designers. Now, looking stylish won’t cost you much.

A Guide To Heel Styles

From cute kitten heels to sexy stiletto shoes, there are so many different styles of heels these days that it can all be quite confusing. Many are fashion fads that might be around for too long, while others are wardrobe staples that seem to keep their place in the footwear trends.

Here is a useful guide to the different types of heels and how you can wear them.

A short, slender heel, a kitten heel is actually a style of a stiletto with a similar shape but is much shorter and usually has a heel height of 2in at most. Kitten heel shoes tend to be more formal styles of shoes, typically with a court shoe design with a pointed toe or a sandal. Kitten heels have recently made a big comeback with the love for everything retro inspired and a comfortable style of shoes. Although most people can wear kitten heel shoes, they are typically more flattering to taller women or those with longer legs, as they can often make petite women look shorter when worn with skirts or dresses.

One of the most recent footwear fashions, cone heeled shoes are a quirky style of heel that is chunky at the top and thins towards the bottom of the heel. They’re so comfortable because the heel stays relatively thick and most of them tend to have mid-height heels too; although you will find some cone heeled shoes with taller heels.

An unusual style of heel that uses thin layers to created a heel that appears to be stacked. They are typically made from wood and with the latest bohemian trend, stacked wooden heels have become very popular as wedges, although you’ll also find high heels and lower heels with stacked heels too.

As above with the recent love of everything bohemian and hippy chic, wedges made a big comeback last year and look set to continue right through to this year and beyond. Wedges have a thick chunky design that is unbroken from the heel to the sole and as they usually have a thick platform sole, they are so comfortable to wear and walk in despite having a tall heel. Anyone can wear wedges because they’re so flattering and have the appearance of longer legs; team with skinny jeans, leggings, skirts or dresses. The great thing about wedges is that they also come in lots of different styles from popular peep toes and sandals to unusual wedged shoes and shoe boots.

Probably the most classic and popular style of heel, stiletto heels are tall, slender and sexy heels that have long been the heel of choice for women everywhere. Perfect for the office, a night on the town or a special occasion, pop on a pair of stilettos and you’ll instantly look and feel great. Wear with skirts and dresses or jeans and leggings, the beauty about stilettos is that they go with almost anything and anyone can wear them.

Although not technically a heel, people often refer to shoes as being platform shoes, while the term ‘platform’ actually relates to the sole of the shoe. A platform shoe will have a thicker sole than one that isn’t a platform, usually of approximately 1in and is usually found on stilettos and wedges to make them more comfortable to wear and to give extra height.

Dohti Pants,the Traditional Indian Pants For Men,is The New Fashion That Now Grace Women`s Wardrobes

The traditional Indian dhoti trousers for men has been adapted by women with great style, and the new version is more cropped and tapers towards the ankle,giving a contemporary twist to the silhouette.This new crazy pants go by many names,dhoti named after traditional garment worn by men in India.,Harem,carrot top,slouchy or MC Hammer pants.what makes them so popular is the freshness and novelty that the silhouette offers.

The semi-formal wear can be worn for a relaxed evening.They are easy summer wear that may also be prone to adapted harem pants pattern

for travel,casual looks and comfort.It is one daring and truly flamboyant item if draped well and fitted properly, and you can dress them up to suite day or night.They are even good for cruising on the yatch or lazing in the wild.Tip about how to differentiate between dhoti and harem pants.

Dhoti pants or carrot top las vegas

resemble a carrot, wide at the top and and tight at the bottom.Dhoti pants for women are ready to wear and easy to wear garment.Indian men create them from fabric, and an ideal length is just above the ankle.Harem are baggy from top to bottom.The best shoes to wear with harem pants are most definitely heels. There are most definitely exceptions to this rule, but for the most part try to stick with big strap heels. Most times if you go with flat heel shoes, you are going to loose the elegance that is the focus of most harem pants. Also, strap heels accentuate the exotic look of harem pants and slim the leg, adding to the overall elegant appeal.Carrot pants will be much more popular because of their versatility and daring appeal.If you want to buy one the trick is you must not go for the biggest balloon hips or the baggiest crotch.With more subtle harem pants,you can hide your problem areas rather than create new ones.

When wearing them with heels these pants can make your legs look even shorter if you are not on the tall side.Heels contrast the fullness of the pants and create a long,leaner look.Gladiator flats look super cool.Wear a belt if you are going for a rustic safari look, choose a wide leather belt with an interesting buckle. If you are wearing a more elegant pair of harems or dhoti pants choose a skinny belt.choose fitted tops since your bottom half is so full,wear a fitted top to contrast and take the bulk away from the look.Choose a fitted top that has a flowing neckline to soften the look.Throw on the jacket that is no longer than the waist line.A biker jacket is super trendy for the cooler nights.Watch the waist , in terms of the waist height,choose a pair of pants that is either high-waisted or Right at your waist.Don`t allow this india pants

to fall somewhere in between or you will run the risk of falling in that “mom`s pants” category.

Patrick Seragi is an avid fashion writer with a wide variety of interests including women hair styles and clothing design. You can read more about Harem pants pattern by visiting my site.

Bollywwod Clothes Are All The Rage Amid Young Populaces In India

Today’s young generation is much conscious about their fashion statement and what will they wear for a specific occasion is a major quandary. Fashion dresses are available in abundance but what sways the decision of this generation is their inclination towards celebrities in Bollywood. You can get fairly apt amount of acquaintance as to what is the in thing and the trend by watching movies and the TV.

Indian dresses which are worn by stars on screen are becoming a major hit off screen. Guys prefer following their actors like Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar and  Emraan Hashmi whereas girls go all gaga over dresses and outfits worn by actresses such as Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone, Sophie Choudhary and a lot more.

If you have a keen eye for details, then you will also witness that Bollywood movie always come up with new styles and fashion which is bound to sweep you off your feet. Populaces also get disheartened by the price tags that are more often than not devised to burn holes in their pocket by flaunting exorbitant rates. Well in these advanced epochs of state of the art technologies and ahead of its time contrivances, it is really feasible to lay your hands on attires which are of urbane, stylish and elegant fashion.

You can refer it to as a dilemma of the customer who finds it innately difficult to Buy Dresses and outfits within his/ her financial stamina and budget constraints. You must reckon that what these celebrities wear on screen is fashioned by professional designers and reflect the classiness and chic attitude of Bollywood clothes.

Kareena Dress is much in demand now thanks to the new trends it is setting. The saree from the movie chameli was in great demand and so were the salwars from Kurbaan and most up to date are the t-shirts from golmaal 3, which have nice and appealing quotes on them.

On a similar note Katrina Dress is also becoming al the rage amid girls because of a plethora of reasons; look for instance at the outfits worn by Katrina Kaif in Tees Maar Khan, Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani, De Dana Dan and New York. This is not the first time that people are fanatically searching for such fashion outfits.

It is just that now a day one can easily acquire them with the help of the world wide we and online shopping. Doing a bit of intricate research on the internet will innately lat you lay your hands on celebrity fashion attires which you only dreamt of procuring once. There are a lot of web portals specializing in this niche industry segment, but you have to look at the right place.

Fashion Modelling and Commercial Modelling

Models, either male or female, act as props for the display of fashion items such as dresses, jewellery, fashion accessories and the like. Modelling can be subdivided into two types called fashion modelling and commercial modelling. Fashion modelling is an inevitable and intrinsic part of the fashion clothing industry. Leading designers take the help of fashion models to walk the ramp in fashion and modelling shows in order to display their fashion collections. Fashion models come in handy when they are used for photo shoots. These kinds of assignments require these models to show certain emotions and feelings through their body language and face. So, it can be said that fashion models need to have a little amount of acting skills as well. And, it is not uncommon for famous fashion models to use their modelling career as just a stepping stone to a full fledged acting career. High fashion models and commercial models consist of a regular crop of top models that happen from time to time. Several of the top models have specialized in high fashion modeling. In these assignments, artistic themes are the ones that are usually used as backdrops. These kinds of fashion and modelling assignments pay well and act as a value addition to a model’s portfolio. In fact, just a few high end fashion assignments carried out with a leading photographer is enough and more to turn a budding model into a top model.

Commercial models do assignments such as fashion catalogues, cosmetics, print magazines, etc. Several commercial models have gone on to become high paid famous top models as their names get recognized in each and every household. The services of these top models are often very much sought after for purposes of product endorsements.

Though fashion photographs of some of these top models with their smiling faces may seem to suggest the likelihood of a luxurious life, it is the kind of luxury that is hard earned after doing hundreds of fashion shows and shoots. These sessions would have taken a lot of time and effort to get completed. The common masses always envy them when they walk down the ramps. A majority of us wants to swap places with these fashion models whenever we see their faces in the glossy pages of fashion magazines. The life style maintained by models is what many of us dream of to enjoy. But, research studies state that it is not all about just the glitz and glamour surrounding these ramp models. They too suffer and enjoy their own share of pain and success respectively. Wearing some tight skirts or pants and doing ramp walk on those four-inch shoes could lead to many problems including leg, back, spine and neck problems. The longer a fashion model wears high-heeled shoes, the more is the risk to the normal curve of her back; this causes her pelvis to tip forward a little bit. It will also destabilize the balance of the body. So, models must ponder on some of these points.

What Does it Take to Become a Model?

If you are an attractive, talented, persistent and highly motivated person, then you have the qualities required to become a model. Many Toronto male models, Toronto female models and, lately, more and more Toronto kids choose a career in the fashion bizz, equally fascinated by the glamour and magic of this spectacular world, and the substantial paychecks.

Modeling agencies are constantly looking for new talents, future Toronto male models and Toronto female models, to enrich their portfolios. Model searches are one way of being discovered and to be picked up by an agent for representation or to get headed in the right direction. Practically anyone can show up at the model searches organized by diverse talent management companies, but not just anyone would have the prospect to be selected for representation by an agency.

The modeling industry established certain beauty standards that have been adopted by all modeling agencies as selection criteria. For instance, there are two types of models: glamour, illustrated by a round shaped face, angelic, charming look, and grunge, referring mainly to a sharp angular face, with prominent cheeks. In order to step on the catwalk, Toronto male models and Toronto female models need to have a pleasant look, a thin body line, especially for presentations, and minimal height of 5’8” (170 cm) for Toronto girl models and 6” (180 cm) for Toronto boy models. Also, measurements should be anywhere from 34-36 bust, 23-25 waist and 34-36 hips (or 90-60-90 translated in cm). Still, the world of modeling is full of surprises and non-conformities. One good example of how rules can be broken is Kate Moss (grunge type) and her catwalk sessions, although she is only 1.69 cm tall. So, you never know your luck!

Another way of getting your modeling career launched is through a model book or portfolio. You want your model portfolio to be professional, complete and impressive when you show it. An awesome Toronto female model portfolio should include a good selection of different types of “looks”, between 10 to 25 photos normally consisting of 9 x 12 prints. You need to include commercial, fashion, casual and editorial content shots. The minimal acceptable model books need to include a headshot of yourself smiling and one not smiling, a full length body shot, natural make-up and hair-off face. Headshots and full length body shots, preferably swimwear, are mandatory for any Toronto male model portfolio.

A professional photographer or agent can assist you in the most delicate matter of model book quality, so ask for advice whenever you have second thoughts. First-class model talent agencies, such as Susan J. Talent Model & Talent Management in Toronto, are always looking for the next biggest discovery to add to their agency’s credits. So, they’ll be more than happy to analyze your portfolio and give a quick answer whether or not you are heading the right direction. Modeling training courses, although not compulsory, are always an important asset when it comes to first impression, especially for Toronto female model and Toronto kids. Agencies recommend on camera testing and training, particularly for the models applying for larger markets, such as the top NY agencies.

And the experts’ words always count, since their job is to recognize and groom new talents to succeed in the world of modeling. The relationship between agency and models is a contractual one, which clearly specifies parties’ obligations and rights, including here the agency’s obligation to promote and represent the model in good faith and efficiently, contract’s duration, payment terms and conditions, the model’s seriousness and implication in specific activities, as well as termination clauses. Any Toronto male model, Toronto female model and Toronto child model should be aware of all these aspects before signing the contract.

Benefits of Fashion Modeling Career

Modeling is a skill to appearance your aptitude to the real world by purpose of your expression, your presence of apperception or by application your facial appearance, by your dressing. Art of modeling adjust in various industries to progress their business concept to end level customer. There is so wealthy display of modeling works available in the market and which be a focus for the new age person to start career in modeling.

There are lots of chances available for emergence modeling and bartering modeling. Equivalent demands are available for fashion modeling and editorial modeling. There are lots of features to believe modeling as your career line.

1) Your Looks
If you agree to a different and glamour looks on your face and figure, your concerning and attend constantly assumed you as a models or doll. If this is the issue again your face has enormously different glowing again added and has good nature to appeal the inclusion of humans on you. Modeling business gives them proper belvedere to use their attendance for their career.

2) Investment
To start any type of new business, people needs a lots of constant money inflow to run their business. Modeling is such a commerce that does not necessary investment of money. Models just have to pay to photographer for preparing attractive modeling portfolio. Once you have a very good selection or profile, you do not require any other asset. Having a dating personal website will add a further profit to your portfolio. Using your online dating website, you can attain to all famous modeling agencies.
3) Part time career choice
Modeling is such a big business that you can initiate alive in it from your academy days on a share time basis. Start career as teen models or child models provide added associate if you start active as young models. Modeling is not suitable comfortable plan or audition. You can defer modeling as a share time career and able to obtain suitable assets from this. Participation in fashion show or runway modeling provides added resources in abbreviate time.

4) Prestige
If your last preferred is to become well-known person or top famous person again modeling is real fast and best way to accomplish it. Top female and male models are from all categories like plus size model, commercial model or glamour model.

Growing Demand for Fashion Models

Had you ever seen a fashion model in some exotic places? Traveling to exotic places, wear latest cloths and accessories from top designers, fearuring the cover page of various magazines are part of the benefits for fashion models. Did you ever thought of becoming a fashion model?

Starting a career as a fashion model right away is not always possible. The aspiring model should work with smaller modeling agencies, in smaller campaigns and gain popularity. Once you become popular you can be invited to exclusive events, participating shows with celebrities and traveling to many parts of the world. Very soon you too will become a celebrity.

Fashion modeling is tough to get in to, with high competition because top models are earning thousands of dollars a day. So the completion is naturally fierce. Apart from monetary benefits, popularity and celebrity status is also another reason for high competition.

Fashion industry is looking for different models for different types of audience. Fashion designers are now targeting all types of audience to sell their fashions. Perfect good looking models with great looks, good hair and figure have great opportunities. Now the market is looking for petite, the plus size, the teen, the mature both in male and female models too since the fashion designers are not willing to loose customers from any segment of population.

One can start off as catalog model, show room model, television model before entering in to fashion modeling. If you are hired by a top modeling agency with more demand, your growth potential is immense in the industry. For the right people with dedication and passion towards modeling, it is a highly paying career.

Although getting in to the modeling industry is tougher, it is offering good rewards for people with good motivation, longing to succeed, it is worth taking the tough ride in fashion modeling industry.

Careers in fashion Design and Interior design

‘It’s beautiful when your career and passion come together’ this line makes a great sense for those who love art and want to pursue their passion as a career option.

Fashion designers are those who develop new styles and products for clothing and accessories. They do this either by creating innovative designs or by acclimatizing the fashion to suit local requirements and buyers while an interior designer will be developing the interiors of homes, offices and other spaces beautiful. A successful Interior designer should be creative and should be able to keep up with the budding interior design styles.

Careers in fashion design

There are various well known Fashion design institutes in Delhi like International School of design or INSD. These colleges offer a wide range of programs and courses in fashion design and technology that will enable you to make successful careers.

Today names like Manish Malhotra,Rohit Bal, Ritu Beri, Ritu Kumar and Tarun Tahliani have become household names. The apparels and accessories they create are sold by their names only. But until few years back, there was not a sole Indian name in the international fashion arena. This is the power of art, creativity, uniqueness and innovation.

These examples ensure a great future in the fashion industry only supported by the aspiring person’s skill and hunger to succeed.

Employment opportunities:

You can get jobs as a professional designer at:

  • Garment Manufacturing units
  • Export houses
  • Boutiques
  • Media houses

Or else you can do freelance work for the fashion houses and can also reward your work by opening a boutique of your own! There are various other job prospects like:

  • Fashion Consultant
  • Cutting Assistants
  • Fashion Stylist etc.

Careers in Interior design

It is the career of those people who have passion about space design and have an artistic point of view.  The interior designer creates beautiful places of space; environment & design keeping in mind the client’s requirement & tastes. Thus he has to work according to the need of the clients to create an environment that the client wants.

Employment opportunities:

There are various opportunities when it comes to jobs for interior designer students. There are various fields that an interior designer can work such as:

  • Residential areas
  • Workplaces/offices
  • Malls
  • Theatres
  • Educational institutes
  • Healthcare centres etc.

You can work as an interior designer, freelance decorator o/consultant or start a business of your own also.

Where to study?

Another question that comes to our mind when we think of fashion design/interior design is the place where the talent can be nurtured and developed to keep the feet of an aspirant on the right track. INSD is one of the best solutions for the students trying to make their mark in fashion & interior design industry.

Teenage Boys Wear — Tips to Look Fashionable

Hanging out without bothering about what’s in and what’s not may seem to be the fashion belief of teenagers. But with modernization and new fashion trends hailing in, the craving to look trendy and up to date is what has become a dream for teenage boys. But in attempt of looking fashionable and modern chic’s often they commit various fashion slips-ups.

Here in this article you will get to explore various decent trends of boys wear that makes you look stylish and contemporary without commending big fashion blunders. Check out:

1) The first and the foremost thing to consider about looking fashionable is to put your hands on clothes that are not only stylish but also fits you comfortably. If you are not comfortable, there are chances that you look dubious for the clothes you are wearing. This will unnecessarily bring you a lot of negative attention.

2) Don’t go closely with what’s in. Follow a different style standard and pattern of wearing that may not be something completely taken from the moving trends but should go in sync with latest fashion wears making a distinct stand.

3) Don’t buy a bulk of teenage wear from a single fashion trend. This may cause a waste of money in case the trend last for short time period.

4) Look for the occasion you are going to attend. They could be, formal, informal or casual girls or boys wear, all you have to do is to select the apt category of clothing suiting to the environment, occasion and weather in synch with latest fashion trends.

5) Choose an apt color combination. As a variety of shades available, shopping for teenage wear is sometimes overwhelming. But make sure the color you wear should not be placed at odds. They should compliment each other and should make you look graceful dressed up in them.

6) Take care of your clothes. Avoid being sloppy and don’t wear wrinkly clothes.

7) While going out for some special occasions, buy oxford or button down shirts that fits perfectly with your neck. Take help from the sales associate and ask him to take the apt measurement and then select it aptly.

8) Never wear socks with sandals. This is a big blunder followed by the teenage crowd.

9) Lastly, you can take help from your girlfriend, sister, or your mother who can guide with what suits you

Fashion in the 1970s – 1970s Vintage Clothing

When thinking of 1970’s fashion, most people will hark back to videos of Swedish superstars Abba in silk bell bottom catsuits, blue eye shadow and hot pants.

In reality though, as clichéd as it may seem, these really are the styles that emanate from the decade and the ‘glam rock’ trend is one that completely sums and characterises the seventies perfectly.

Disco was becoming huge and, similarly to the mod and rockers scene in the sixties, created a lifestyle along with a look. Men wore tight, low cut shirts with a chain of some sort paired with a suit that consisted of flared trousers and oversized collars.

Pop stars such as Elton John ran away with the craze of larger, quirky glasses that injected even more unconventional oddity into the already out there trends of glam rock.

However, it is the women’s trends that have carried through and generate a real call for vintage fundamentals in today’s times. The likes of the mini skirt, which originated in the sixties but really hit its highest peak of popularity in the seventies, hot pants, platform shoes and leotards are all still very much a part of the market and very rarely aren’t featured in fashion showcases season upon season.

Although vintage is automatically linked with earlier decades, the seventies are a major player in the industry, especially for those who want a quirky piece that still runs hand in hand with the current season’s staples.

The patterned shirts of the past are making a comeback and once again there is a mandate for some for the man who wishes to add a little twist to his outfit, and doesn’t want to succumb to the feminine styles employed by many men today.

Jumpsuits galore, minus the bright coloured satin, can be found adorning the racks of vintage stores and create a womanly shape especially when pulled in at the waist. Predictably, miniskirts and hot pants, a must of today’s modern woman can be found in abundance for those women are brave enough to flash their pins in this country’s climate.

The seventies was an era where controversy in the fashion world wasn’t a part of the climate, and fashion was there to be played with, to be fun and not taken too seriously. There wasn’t a plethora of different style changes like the sixties, it wasn’t trying to prove a point, it just was what it was.

In the vintage world of today, the principle crazes will still sell and go on to prove that not every era is caked in fads. Although the silk, ridiculous glasses and dodgy dance moves are totally optional.

Lengha Style Saree – A Style Statement in Fashion World

Lengha style sarees are the latest rage in saree fashion today. These are product of creative imagination of the fashion designers who have fused the two beautiful traditional Indian attires, saree and a lengha to give rise to an all together new and innovative form of clothing, a Buy Lengha style saree online. So  these lengha style sarees are a mixture of the traditional lengha choli and a conventional saree.

These are not only easy to wear but look great as well. With these latest lengha style sarees all you need to do is to slip in them like a skirt, zip it on and drape it over the shoulder like a usual saree. What sets these lengha style saree apart from a regular saree is that, in a regular saree, pleats are formed in the front while in these lengha style sarees the front is decorated with either heavy embroidery or some rich embellishments to make it look like a lengha.

So the best thing about these lengha style sarees is that apart from imparting a rich look of a lengha they make you look feminine and sensuous as does a saree. Moreover, to wear these lengha style sarees you don’t have to put any extra effort in forming pleats and wear it just like a skirt or lengha while making it look like a saree.

These Latest Lengha Style sarees available online are made from the most expensive and luxurious fabrics with extensive stone and embroidery work to make them look royal and grand. These designer lengha style sarees are especially meant for festive and grand occasions such as weddings, sangeet ceremony etc. for their imperial look and rich appeal.

In many lengha style sarees designs, the pallu is in contrast color for a more striking touch and appeal. These latest lengha style sarees online in pure georgette, crepe, silk, cotton, chiffon, and other fusion fabrics with embellished flared patch work in the front  make for excellent party wear attires for grand occasions. These sarees will not only make you look rich and elegant but can make you the center of attraction in the entire gathering for their creative design and rich embellishments.

You can wear these lengha style sarees with designer choli or blouse such as bikini style blouse, halter neck blouse, blouse with spaghetti straps, bustier blouse, etc. along with heavy kundan jewellery for added charm and appeal.

Choose fashionable baby clothes to provide the very best for your little one

A baby is a wonderful addition to a family and makes life extra special. Designer baby gifts are ideal options for a child’s christening in order to provide unforgettable memories with these unique baby gifts. It is important to choose wisely while buying clothing for your child. There are several types of materials that not only provide high quality clothing for your child but also keep them healthy. Parents have become extremely conscious when it comes to choosing clothes for their babies. Bamboo cotton is gaining preference due to the wide variety of benefits that the material brings. Not only is this material environment friendly, it is also apt for a baby’s delicate skin.

Bamboo clothing is even more durable than normal cotton clothing and lasts for a longer time. Normal cotton plants are often sprayed with pesticide while they are being cultivated. In case of bamboo cotton, the plant is grown completely pesticide free and hence is safer for your child. Most cotton clothing still has traces of pesticide which does not go even after several washes. These minute traces are hazardous for the delicate skin of a baby. It is advisable to go for organic and bamboo baby clothes as they are non-hazardous and will help protect your tiny tot from harm.

Aside from the health factor, bamboo clothes have natural cooling properties. During summer months they will keep your baby cooler and warmer during winter months. Baby clothes are no more just a basic necessity in order to clothe a child. In earlier times clothes for babies were often generic and did not have any fashion value. However, as times have changed so has the baby clothing industry. Celebrities and media are primarily responsible for the growing interest in baby fashion. Tabloids regularly publish the fashion trends of celebrity babies and the moms attention to new trends. Due to this parents are now ensuring that their babies too are up to date with modern trends. Designer clothes also make great gifts to celebrate a wonderful addition to a family.

The internet is a great resource to find fashionable clothing for baby. There are various sites where you could find clothes right from basic necessities to trendy baby clothes .Make sure you find the most trustworthy sites in order to give your child the very best. Baby clothes are important to a family and especially the parents. As the children grow up these baby clothes serve as family heirlooms and allow them to remember every moment of their child’s growing up years. With the growth in technology parents can easily find products that are perfect for their child and make the purchase online. Pick high quality clothes for your child and preserve his childhood memories.

Indian Fashion Dress Code: Essential Wardrobe Tips

There are different clothing styles. Some people prefer clothes in bulk while others to have selected outfits. In other words, there is a growing debate on quantity of clothes v/s quality of clothes.

There are many differences between quantity of clothes and quality of clothes, but there is one feature that both these school of thought agree on. This feature being that when it comes to fashion, there are a few colors and styles which are regarded as wardrobe essentials. Whether one goes in for quantity of clothes or quality of clothes, in both these cases one has some basic colors.

Indian fashion dress has always known for its attractive textures, embroideries, fabrics, cuts and styles. In present context, there is a wide variety of clothes and colors. However it may seem difficult to come down to a few basic colors. But this is the truth. Everybody may have an endless color sequence fashion dreses in their wardrobe. But a few colors and cuts are common to all beings. These colors are black, white, navy blue, brown and a few more. They are regarded as wardrobe essentials.

Our Indian Fashion is incomplete without these basic colors. Any apparel comprising of any of these colors is indeed important. One may have more variety in terms of colors but some shades never seem to take a back seat.

Though these colors are basic yet they play a significant role. The advantage of these essentials shades is that they look good for any and every occasion. And secondly, they are always in fashion.

Thus, unconsciously though we have kind of created a dress code for ourselves and we label it as Indian Fashion dress code. It comprises of some essentials that are very important to us. And some colors seem to have created a permanent place in our heart.

Indian fashion dress is not just about the colors. A perfect wardrobe comprise of the dresses which can be worn any time. A perfect wardrobe consist of all type of dreses i.e from most sexy to most traditional ones. Indian fashion dress can be equally sexy and traditional. That’s what most special in indian fashion dress.

For example, Indian fashion sarees can be most traditional once worn with the long heavily embellished blouses, normal style blouses and on other side could be given equal sexy look with those noodle strap, backless choli blouses.

Thus a perfect wardrobe comprise of everything for every occasion. Many online women clothing stores are now coming up with exclusive options.

Plus Size Fashion: Essential Tips To Select Plus Sized Clothing

The plus size fashion industry is flourishing up day by day and the credit goes to the different fashion designers available in the market today who truly takes notice of the different plus size clothing not only to make money but as well to showcase their talents in making very appealing clothing for large population. There are many benefits of having the plus size designer clothes as these are designed keeping in mind the comfort and elegance. As a user, you are free to tailor the fir of the curves of the plus size clothes to gain a slimmer and appealing look.

With the availability of varied plus sized clothing including dresses, pants, tops, t-shirts, and even pencil skirts, larger women find happier enough to participate in any event or occasions etc. You can easily purchase your desirable clothes today by visiting online plus size clothing stores or local malls etc. The online shopping truly makes a women shopping easier and enjoyable enough for all the times. There are also many popular brands came into limelight today including Elena Miro, B&LU, Marina Rinaldi, Anna Scholz, Cinzia Rocca, Lafayette 148 and Peggy Lutz etc and given a new hope to the women of contemporary generation.

When purchasing your plus size fashion clothing, you need to pay concern over the quality, design and brand of the clothes. Some of the tips that you need to pay concern over are as following:

Be thoughtful about your clothes

Many of women do big mistakes while purchasing plus sized clothing is that, they select the clothes that do not fit them exactly. And this happens because they want to look slim and hence want to go select smaller-sized clothes. It also happen, some women choose loose-fitting clothes keeping in mind that it will help her in hiding the problems area. In both the cases, you need to be attentive enough to meet the right fit.

Proper search of right pattern

This is another vital tip that you need to consider while purchasing your plus sized clothing. Make sure to select the right pattern keeping in mind your look, body color and fingers. You as well need to make sure that you don’t cover an attractive cleavage, a small waist and a thin legs etc. So overall, you need to choose the clothes that show off the resources of your right figure and at the same time make you look stunning.

Chase the trend

Following the latest trend in fashion plus size clothing can ensure the real beauty of your body. So choose the essential patterns to highlight your assets and which give you a beautiful and stylish look even in the crowd.

So, indeed it’s a great idea to invest in women’s plus size very fashion clothing to fit into your body properly and bring out your natural beauty.

New Modern Fashion Clothing Trends for Men for Look Professional?

Fashion has the power to attract everyone towards it irrespective of the age and sex. Whether you are a man or woman, you always want to follow latest fashion trends. Fashion has always something for everyone – whether men, women or children. Days are gone when only women were considered fashion-conscious. Now with changing trends, men also take keen interest in latest fashion. This situation has created a new world of fashion.

Are you looking for modern fashion clothing for contemporary men? If yes, then you have plenty of options to determine. But due to endless options, you could be confused on deciding a right option. Therefore, you are highly suggested that before making a concluding decision, you first need to assess everything associated with your fashion needs and budget. Confused? Let’s go through stated below points to know about modern fashion clothing trends for men for appear professional.

Colors Speak

When it comes to choosing clothing whether for men or women, importance of color can’t be ignored. Color has the power to communicate an idea or emotion. Colors simply speak about you and your hidden personality. Therefore, while choosing latest men’s clothing in vogue, you must not forget choosing right colors. Now, you may be confused on how to choose appropriate colors. The best way to choose color is to keep an eye on your overall personality or appearance.

Know the Difference between a Casual Look and a Professional Look

Since you are looking for fashion clothing for men that can offer you a professional look, you first need to understand the difference between casual look and professional look. Remember, achieving a professional appearance simply means gaining the edge over the others. You can choose anything to wear in terms of casual clothing but when it comes to achieving professional look, you must be very conscious.

Look for Guidance

If you have doubts regarding what to choose, you need to look for help. There are plenty of websites available online that offer exclusive tips and ideas on how to choose modern fashion clothing for men. You need to visit such a few fashion websites to grab adequate information about latest fashion trends for men. Moreover, there are few fashion portals that also offer expert advice on latest fashion trends for modern men and women.

Is There Any Customized Solution Available?

You are usually recognized by your appearance. Your clothing plays the most significant role when it comes to creating image of your personality. Therefore, you must understand the importance of customization or personalization. Remember, customization or personalization is used to design clothes according to the specific needs of an individual. For this, you first need to look for a right fashion boutique online. Remember, a right fashion store can transform your vague ideas into a mesmerizing reality i.e. clothing.

In concise, it can be concluded that knowing about modern fashion clothing trends for men isn’t a hard nut to crack. Considering aforementioned points can help you accomplishing a desired professional look.

Korean fashion clothing for Trendy and Fashionable Look

Global fashion industry has a big Asian influence in the recent times, especially Korean fashion clothing. Asian countries like India, Japan, Korea, and China always had a bustling fashion segment. The fashion houses in these countries previously were able to focus on the local market but with the emergence of globalization, they are now able to reach worldwide markets. Other areas of the world are now the biggest outlet for these new age Asian fashion designers. In order to broaden their reach and increase sales, Korean fashion clothes are discovering the lucrative export market with the in distribution systems designers in these countries. Today we find Asian fashion influences in mainstream stores wherever we are in the world because of the unprecedented growth made by the Asian fashion industry. From high-end women’s wear to everyday men’s sportswear, Korean fashion clothing trends are evident throughout all segments of the fashion industry.

Borrowed heavily from the Asian designers are the contemporary designs and trends. Their trends set by the entertainment industry and designs tend to be driven by popular culture. The schoolgirl look has become increasingly popular and it was adopted by pop musicians. Comfortable styles that bring to mind clothing popular in the 60s and 70s reflect Indian influences, targeted a slightly older marketing. Indian fabric choice and style are mimicked in the bohemian look, now considered retro. Regardless of where you shop, the Chinese flair is also evident. The same is with Korean fashion clothing.

Korean fashion clothes influence has truly come of age. You can find Korean fashion clothing that will both compliment the figure and amuse the eye, whether you are looking for prepared to wear or high-end designer pieces or pieces that are part of your daily wardrobe. The selection of fabrics is from whimsical to sophisticated and the selection is wide. To suit every age and taste, there is truly something. In many chain department stores, you can find Asian style fashions. They are also found in specialty boutiques. However, there is no tool better than the Internet to access the full array of Korean fashion clothes available. Direct from key locations all through Asia, many high quality portal sites offer a broad range of clothing items. You will enjoy affordable pricing and not just a good selection. You can be sure that you are getting high quality items at the best price, as it is easy to compare purchases on the internet.

There is always a variety of payment options available for buying Korean fashion clothes. You need not worry for delivery. It is possible to find the perfect outfit with an Asian flair, no matter what type of clothing you are looking. You can find unique items with a little research and not break your budget. Korean fashion clothing is here to stay as the designers all over the world are discovering the profitable world of export/import these goods are becoming easier to acquire and purchase. These are timeless looks that you will wear year after year. Yes, there is truly something for everyone when it comes to finding Korean fashion clothes with a touch of Asia.

Would You Like To Be A Fashion Model?

Have you ever thought that you would like to become a fashion model? Have you always thought that you have exactly what it takes to do this kind of a job? The typical model in the fashion industry travels to exotic places, models the latest clothing and the hottest accessories from top designers. They also have great opportunities to be featured in magazines, which most likely lead to other opportunities and lots of manufactures and companies pursuing you to do product endorsements.

This sounds great, doesn’t it? The truth is, there is not where fashion modeling usually starts for anyone. Like anything else in this world, fashion models usually start a lot lower on the totem pole while they are gaining experience and exposure. However, if you are more than willing to pay your dues, the success that you will experience and the rewards that you reap can and will be bigger than you had ever imagined. Rewards can and do include traveling the world, meeting and becoming friends with celebrities, and earning upwards of thousands of dollars per day.

It is important to note that fashion modeling is not just limited to perfect people with stunning or breath taking looks. Fashion designers have started to realize that by targeting the perfect person only, they are losing out on a large portion of audiences and business they might be able to capture if they used just the average person.

With this realization, fashion designers have begun reaching out to other individuals and creating markets for the petite, plus size, teens, mature, and even the retiree crowd. If you take a second to think about it, those types of people have money as well as the rich, famous, and beautiful. They are also willing to spend their money if they are made aware of the availability of products that meet their needs and wants.

There are hundreds of modeling jobs and positions available in just about any industry. Any of these modeling jobs would be a great start for someone with the motivation and ambition to get into some of the top positions in the top agencies around the United States and even the world. Just so I am clear, this is a tough job and there will most likely be some long hours involved in making your dreams come true. If you have the motivation to succeed, the benefits and rewards will far outweigh the negatives.

How to get custom t shirts printing in Atlanta?

Getting t shirts printed is the great way to give personal touch to your t shirts with unique pattern, logo or slogan. Custom t shirt printing is widely popular as it is also a way to advertise your brand or logo. There are number of reasons to go for t shirt printing but if you really want customize printed t shirts then you can find reliable and secure printing services.  With the right choice for t shirt printing services, you will be able to create unique and attractive print on the t shirt. There are many types of printing is popular for t shirts and you can prefer to screen printing Atlanta. It is one of the most popular types of printing which includes the use of woven mesh or screen to support an ink-blocking stencil to transfer required pattern. There are many other printing solutions available including: Glitter print, Rhinestone transfer, Digital heat transfer and so on.

How to find one of the best t shirts companies in Atlanta?  

To have reference of a leading or trusted t shirt company is essential in order to get your t shirts printed well on time in the way you desire. A leading company must have all the skills and knowledge that are needed to get your job done in best possible way. There must be number of t shirts companies in Atlanta but you need to find best T Shirt Company like 3v Designs for quality and responsive services. You can print t shirts of any size and color with unique design that you want. Many people would like to create a message that they want to convey and it is great way to go for printed t shirts. If we talk about the promotion then today you have plenty of options available to advertise your business or brand where printed t shirts is one of the best one.

Custom t shirt printing in Atlanta is the best option will surely suit your different print transfer needs. An experienced company like 3v Designs will enable you to select your own design and color available so that you can get your shirt printed in the way you want. Basically, the company is engaged to provide your printed t shirts immediately as you can select same day, next day or third day printing services. It is always advised to select custom t shirt printing company for the effective services and solutions. If you need professional, knowledgeable and reliable services for custom t shirt printing in Atlanta then feel free to contact us

Six Fashion Trends for 2015 Wedding Details

Every year you will find some different fashion trends for the wedding, and what’s the fashion trends for 2015 wedding ? Now let to show you the detail information about it.

1.Bare pink wedding dress

Bare pink has been the color of the bridesmaid dresses, but in the wedding dresses 2015 T stage, naked pink rival with white and ivory in field of wedding dress, if you want to have a fashion wedding, a bare pink wedding dress will be you right and fashionable choice.

In addition to the water pink dress, pink wedding shoes, holding flowers, etc will be one of the main color of 2015, pure and fresh quietly elegant of water especially in outdoor wedding appear more fairy beauty and fantasy pink , which can make the bride looks seem very good.

2.Iridescent bridesmaid dresses

The woman can withstand the color of the rainbow? As the sanctity of the bride, the colorful rainbow color natural is not suitable for wear in yourself, let bridesmaids wear these colours, when close sisters surrounded in your side, just as surrounded by a rainbow to enjoy the blessings of the most romantic dream.

2015 rainbow color bridesmaid dresses must be watercolor as light and soft, high saturation of heavy tone is no longer the theme of this year, downy elegant purple lavender, mint green, tender pink, light yellow is composed of 2015 rainbow color choose bridesmaid dresses.

Every year you will find some different fashion trends for the wedding, and what’s the fashion trends for 2015 wedding ? Now let to show you the detail information about it.

1.Bare pink wedding dress

Bare pink has been the color of the bridesmaid dresses, but in the wedding dresses 2015 T stage, naked pink rival with white and ivory in field of wedding dress, if you want to have a fashion wedding, a bare pink wedding dress will be you right and fashionable choice.

In addition to the water pink dress, pink wedding shoes, holding flowers, etc will be one of the main color of 2015, pure and fresh quietly elegant of water especially in outdoor wedding appear more fairy beauty and fantasy pink , which can make the bride looks seem very good.

2.Iridescent bridesmaid dresses

The woman can withstand the color of the rainbow? As the sanctity of the bride, the colorful rainbow color natural is not suitable for wear in yourself, let bridesmaids wear these colours, when close sisters surrounded in your side, just as surrounded by a rainbow to enjoy the blessings of the most romantic dream.

2015 rainbow color bridesmaid dresses must be watercolor as light and soft, high saturation of heavy tone is no longer the theme of this year, downy elegant purple lavender, mint green, tender pink, light yellow is composed of 2015 rainbow color choose bridesmaid dresses.

Designer leather Pants for Men are latest in fashion

Men’s fashion is limited only to shirt and pants. But, you cannot limit their fashion in the matter of material and fabric. Leather is a material that is widely famous for both men and women. From older generation to new generation, everyone loves the leather and the apparels made out of it. Designer leather Pants for Men are available in various sizes, styles and shapes. Today, the concept of fashion is totally changed and you will get more new and unique style of leather pants.

The growing demand of leather pants forces the designer to create something new and comfortable for men. These designers work hard for common people and bring on the new style in each summer season. There is no end of fashion, style and innovation in the world of leather. They are made of 100% sheep leather and it is lightweight in nature. These new leather pants are available in slim fit. You will notice that the legs of the pants near the bottom area are tight and the pant is well stitched. It is never going to be out of fashion and men just love them.

Are you a real biker? Do you head out for a long bike ride and become the master of the road? Then, Designer leather Pants for Men are just perfect for you. It will make you go crazy with style and the comfort level is excellent for the men who will ride a bike. While riding a bike, oxygen needs to be passed smoothly so that men do not feel an irritation in the bike. Therefore, custom made option is available in which designer gives you perfect leather pant according to your size.

You will get leather pants in brown, black, grey and white color and you must select it in your preference. The color you choose will define your personality. And that is why you should be smart enough to choose the best color leather pant for your biker spirit. These pants are available at the online stores. Most designers display their latest collection on Designer leather Pants for Men on the online platform for your comfort. You can check out the collections in large numbers. There are a variety of styles that you can choose and stay happy with your choice. You can save your time and enjoy shopping from home.

Today, the online shopping is safe and secure and everyone can shop without any guilt. The payment style is also confidential and it will not disappoint you. Therefore, you should understand which service provider is giving you the opportunity to buy the pants. Bring out the real man attitude in you and flaunt your style with confidence.

Essentiality of caps for an ultimate casual look

Now people most of the times use to wear formal dresses and so, they need a break from this monotonous, sometimes they can try some informal dresses and except the weekdays, it is possible for the office goers to wear in the weekend. Whenever you are going to attend Saturday afternoon friend’s meeting, then you are suggested to get a careless look. In this way, you can become younger in your friend’s circle. Accessories are very significant parts of fashion and people cannot ignore this part to complete their dress up. Unlikely, shoes and bags, cap also plays very vital role as an important accessory but it is not applicable with any type of outfit. It is not applicable for gorgeous and formal outfits. With addition of a simple stylish cap, you can bring some changes in your casual appearance.

Importance of casual accessories:

Snapback caps are considered as casual accessories and casual dressers are fond of this fashion statement. These caps are very popular among baseball players and sportsmen. Besides the players, audiences also like to prefer this headwear while they are in playground. It not only protects their head from sweating, but also maintains their proper style senses by covering the head. Whatever casual dresses and accessories you have selected for today afternoon, they have to match properly with atmosphere. If you want to add a cap with your attire, then it has to combine completely with the afternoon atmosphere. Without proper adjustment, it is next to impossible to understand the significance of this common and popular accessory. This accessory has its own definition and you can differentiate its functionalities than others. With addition of cap, you do not need to purchase another accessory because this only one cap is enough for a stylish look.

For younger and sportive look:

A cap deals with enthusiastic and energetic look. That reason has inspired the modern generation to get huge collections. Now, it is possible to define one’s casual style statement with fashionable snapback caps. In earlier days, it was preferred among the sportsmen but now it has become also popular among common people. Modern generation is interested to adopt this style for some new makeover. Players and celebrities are very much fond of snapback caps because besides protection, it maintains their royalty. Cap usually deals with very high class fashion. If there any question arises about the significance of snapback caps, then you have to agree obviously about its special features and uniqueness than others. This type of cap is classified than other caps because it is made of high quality materials and people in playground can get lots of comforts from these caps. One can easily wear this cap because it can fit easily fit well with head. Size is not an issue to purchase this cap because various sizes are available for different customers. You have to accessorize properly those caps with your outfits where some of them are applicable for your casual t-shirts and denims. Get some of the cap collections for an ultimate smarty look because this special style statement will never become old.

The Evolution of the Adidas Superstar sneakers for men

Ask anyone out there what are some of the longest serving basketball shoes out there and you will get a standard answer: Mens Adidas Superstars.  They have been in the market for a long time and yet have not lost their allure. Yet many people do not believe it when they are told the first shoe was created in the late sixties. From then till now it is still remains relevant and is worn by many people. It can be said the Adidas superstar has developed a cult like following among the masses with some buying any product that has its logo on it.

The relationship between Adidas and Basketball
The Company behind this billion dollar brand has built a reputation for making high quality footwear and sporting clothes. It has other business interests that rage to eye wear and other sporting accessories, but there is no denying its core business is manufacturing top of the line shoes. When if first hit the market they were many mixed reviews about its appearance and its intended function. It earned many nicknames due to what was perceived as a rather odd shape at the time. To date it has become very popular and many basketball players have endorsed it in one way or another. What is most surprising is the shape played a crucial role in the attitude shift.

When it was first manufactured the sneaker had its upper regions being pure leather while the lower ones were rubber. One reason why it took a short time for it to become a leader in the industry was due to sole being non marking and the toes very well protected. This endeared it too many basketball players. A large percentage of the players wore the sneakers at least more than once. This has continued to date. In fact a survey showed more than three quarters of NBA players preferred to put on the shoes during the initial years of introduction to the market. The level of innovation behind its design and incorporation of technological aspects made it the perfect machine on the court.

Merits of the Adidas Superstars
One key advantage has been the people behind these sneakers have not been content to rest on their laurels. They understand perfectly well that continuous improvement and rebranding are critical to the success of any product out there. To this end they keep re-engineering it to make it relevant to the requirements of sportsmen around the world, especially basketball players. Entertainers have also had a long history with these sneakers. Chief among them are musicians, actually rappers in particular. The rap group Run DMC was instrumental in promoting the sneakers after wearing them during their live concerts. This happened during the year 1983. Remember this was a group that had its roots in New York. Fans would go to each concert and see them wearing the sneakers and be hyped up about making the purchases. This led to a significant increase in the sales and the company decided to ink a deal with the rap group that raised a lot of eyebrows.

Adidas Superstars The Brand You Can Trust Above Others

There has been a variety of accessories such as bags, clothes, shoes and T-shirts that are manufactured under the Adidas banner. These are what can be termed as lifestyle products a cross between luxury and functional. There is no denying many people are identifying with this brand. There reasons are many and vary in nature. A main reason could be the high quality products it keeps churning out every year. Of late the company has begun to specialize in different types of clothes, shoes and accessories. The core product that the firm concentrates on is Adidas Superstar Mens shoes. These were designed with the comfort of the user being the aim. Another product that is gaining popularity is the Mens Adidas Superstar Shoes which have received positive reviews from people across all age groups.

Materials used in the manufacture of Adidas footwear

The sneakers are manufactured from rubber and leather material that are resistant to wear and tear. This makes them perfect for outdoor sporting events of all kinds. If you like playing basketball they are they are the right product for you. The materials used to make them are the best therefore quality wise they are undisputed in across the globe. They are not only for the fast paced sports but for simpler actions such as walking or running. Jogging can also be included in the same category. When it comes to exercise the sneakers assist in keeping your feet on balance. This is handy when using the weights or stretching out in different positions.

Style and Comfort being key determinants of performance

Majority of the people who are use this brand are happy with how comfortable they are on the feet. This means that they fit perfectly well and are not like some footwear that leave no space for the toes to move. This results in pain and even numbness as a result of there being no circulation of blood in certain areas. If you are engaged in sports this can lead to injury and other physical complications. To avoid this many individuals prefer Adidas because of its focus on safety of people putting on the company’s footwear. Comfort can also be measured in the cozy feeling you get when you put on the shoes. To that end the sneakers have pads inside them that are thick and flat to bring about a springy feeling. This is a nice touch to its already iconic shape and strong sole.

If you are searching for the product they are many places to look. Let’s begin with a simple one, the internet. This platform exposes you to many websites that offer the goods at discounted prices. Others go the extra mile and offer delivery services to your place of residence. It is advisable you browse the web until you find one that has prices that are in your range. Ensure the website you visit is reputable otherwise you might end up falling for a shady operation. These shady sites will end up selling you counterfeit s or worse inferior goods.

The New Balanced Walking Shoes: Very Stylistic and Comfortable

Are you looking for the new and the best comfortable and stylistic shoes? Then look no more for the new balance online experts have the best brand New Balanced walking shoes. The shoes are designed in such a way that it makes your feet comfortable; they are good for the heath of your legs. These are shoes which meets international standards: You cannot afford to miss buying these New Balanced walking shoes.

Boston Company started small in the early 20th Century. Hence it has a wealth of experience in the manufacturing of shoes. The company has developed a global market. It is one of the leading manufacturers of sports’ shoes. The New Balanced Walking Shoes have been trusted by generations. You should buy yourself a pair. I shall take you through the reasons why.

The New Balance MW927 pair of shoes for men is the walker’s ideal companion. It is fitted with an out sole that helps support the foot. It is designed to absorb shock thus avowing injuries to the feet. The EVA sole is flexible and the leather uppers durable. It comes in a variety of colors: grey, white, black and brown.

The new balance athletic shoesexperts are gender sensitive and have the New Balance WW811V pair of light shoes for ladies. The pair has synthetic uppers which make it light and comfortable. It also has a TPU out sole that helps provide stability to the feet as one walks. The pair is a hook and loop shoe, hence very adjustable.

Women’s New Balance WW511 pair of shoes is a durable product offered at friendly price. The pair shoe has uppers of leather and a solid rubber out sole. The pair has New Balances patented Abzorb heel. This walking pair of shoe will serve you very well in a variety of exercises.

There is a pair of shoe for every athlete at the New Balance. Whether you are an off-road runner, track and field runner or one participates in racing competitions, this brand promises you high performance, stability, flexibility and comfort. To propel yourself to be a superstar, you need a pair of new sports balance shoe that will make your dream a reality. There are many other brands in the market for sports but none marches the New Balance running shoes in quality. To get the best out of your shopping for your sports outfit, visit our stores. We offer the best discounts on the New Balance sport shoes.

Do not buy counterfeit shoes any more. New balance athletic shoesare very affordable in the market. The launching of New Balance Outlet Stores is very beneficial to everybody. All items available in these stores at discounted prizes. Prize cutoffs can go lower with the special treatments like promos, sales and discount coupons. Even people from very distant places can afford to go shopping for New Balance products at the New Balance outlet because they get more for their money. For any type of a pair of shoes, all roads lead to the New Balance shoes.

People Love Their Bvlgari Perfumes

Finding a perfume you love can be a daunting task. Some women spend a great deal of time finding that one special perfume while others know exactly what they are going to purchase. There are some fragrances that are available in stores and online, and that makes it a great choice for a number of women. The fact that it is very affordable is also a big selling point for a number of women. Fragrances of this nature usually have a loyal following and the women that wear the fragrance will most likely continue to do so for years.

Perfumery is a billion dollar industry. Women love to smell good and most women have a scent that they consider their signature fragrance. Every woman looks for something different when searching for a fragrance and what smells great on one person may not smell the same on another person.

Most women love to sample a number of different fragrances to see which one they like the best. It is very common for people to have a favorite scent but still own a number of different fragrances. There are some brands that are very popular in the fragrance world. Bvlgari is one of these brands. These fragrances are carried in a number of stores so it is very easily accessible for most women. Many women that wear these fragrances are very loyal customers and have been wearing the scents for years.

If you ask multiple women what is the best Bvlgari perfume you are likely to receive more than one answer. Women have a variety of tastes when it comes to selecting perfume, so what one woman considers the best may not be as appealing to the next woman. Some women will consider factors other than scent when choosing what they think to be the best perfume.

The best Bvlgari perfume doesn’t have to be for a woman. One of the most popular fragrances is Bvlgari perfume for men. There are a number of fragrances in the line and the original fragrance has been around since the year 1995. Bvlgari perfumes are available at a number of retailers and many people like to buy it online. Due to the fact that there are so many online retailers that sell these fragrances, people may search various retailers to see who has the best price.

It is no secret that men like to smell good. Men spend millions of dollars each year on perfumes and colognes for themselves and even more money buying fragrances as gifts for someone else. With so many fragrance choices available it can be tough to decide which one to buy. Many men have a favorite scent that they buy regularly while others just like to see what’s available and then find something they like.

There is no right answer when it comes to which is the best Bvlgari perfume. Both men and women alike love the Bvlgari fragrances and each of them may have their favorite. Most people will think the best perfume is the one that they like the most and that is reasonably priced.

The dos and don’ts of the leather wallets for men

The leather wallets for men are made for style, convenience and class. There are a variety of different styles and design with regard to this type of leather goods. Like any other leather product, it will last long, only if you take the proper precautions. Given below is the list of does and don’ts that you must follow in order to preserve and protect this wallet.
The do’s list

1.    Let it dry slowly: at times, the leather goods will come in contact with dirt and dust. In order to clean it away, you will need to gently wash it with a damp cloth. Ideally, if you are in a situation where the leather wallets for men are wet, you must dry is immediately. Avoid drying it with high temperatures for example a hair dryer. Such a drying method will cause the leather to change its chemical structure, and you will end up with stiff crinkle and the beginning of cracks. Dry off the excessive water with a cloth and leave it to air dry.

2.    When you buy a leather cream, try it out on a tiny spot: There are a variety of leather creams that are available in the market for the leather wallets for men. However, each of them are suited for certain leather types. At times, even leather creams claiming to be genuine might contain some components which are not, thus damaging your leather goods. When you first purchase this leather cream, use a small bit on a tiny spot of your wallet. If the product does not seem to be damaged, you can go ahead and use it for the rest of the product.

3.    Avoid direct sunlight as much as you can: Like the extreme heat can damage the leather products, so can the sun. The sunlight will cause the leather to lose its moisture and sheen making it dry. It can also cause the leather to lose its color.

The don’ts list

1.    Avoid sitting on it: Although you might carry this wallet in the back pocket, you must remember to remove it before you sit. When you sit on it, it causes pressure on the wallet, thus weakening the quality of the leather. Over time, the leather will give away at the weaker segments, especially near the stitching.

2.    Avoid using anything but special leather products: The special leather cleaning solutions will certainly cost you a little extra money, but at least it will help preserve the quality of the leather product rather than destroy it. Avoid using home based cleaning solutions, saddle soap, shoe cream or milk oil. They will certainly reduce the quality of the leather, if not destroy it

4 Ways to Wear the Motorcycle Leather Jacket

The motorcycle leather jackets have always been the symbol of rebellion and adventure since the time of its inception. It has a rich history with a significant cultural importance inspired by many iconic celebrants like Marlon Brando and James Dean making it a classic menswear. Even in today’s fashion trend, this choice of leather product is still popular, with a few contemporary adjustments. When you want to buy the leather jackets online in India, there are certain things you must consider, especially when it comes to your wardrobe. Given below are four popular ways to incorporate this jacket into your current wardrobe.

The off duty look
Opt for a motorcycle leather jackets with a borg collar for that perfect off duty look, that is worthy of its old classical lines. You can incorporate a lot of rugged textured elements with this type of leather jacket for that perfect look. The best top for this leather jacket is the cable knit sweater, which is part of the old vintage yet trendy look. Along with this, you can opt for wollen or corduroy trousers to smarten the look up. The best part of this combination is that, they work along with ties or shirts too. Buy this leather jackets online in India which will work well with some slim brown leather boots where you can tuck the hem of the trousers into the shoes or roll them up for a better look.

The Smart-Casual blend
After the off duty look, the smart and casual blend is a popular choice. Slip on this motorcycle leather jackets over a slim Oxford shirt for that smart look. To complete the look, opt for the knitted tie combination. You can even improve your over all look by accessorizing the combination with a neat tie bar as long as it does not overpower the neck wear. Opt for a tie color that is contrast to the pristine white. You can opt to compliment this combination with rich burgundy suit trousers. Complete this look with a pair of shiny black double-monks for that perfect look.

The Transitional Period
You can experiment with the conventional black leather by opting a grey woolen take on this classic. Buy the leather jackets online in India in this classy color with a t shirt color that is guarantee to make a subtle statement. Pair it with dark wash jeans and a slick suede tassel loafers to top this transitional look off.

A Sleeveless Take
If you are looking for a more contemporary blend of styles, opt for a sleeveless biker jacket.  Opt for this casual piece where you can layer it over a sweatshirt and pair with some slim khakis. Opt for casual shoes to finish off this look.

Fashion May Fade Soon But Style Is Eternal

Shoes are one something without which we cannot do anything almost. Shoes and fashion trends are closely related. Most of the women lately pay keen attention to their minute details like the accessories they wear in the wrists, around the belly region, ankle and so on. With that said, the importance of nice shoes is quite predominant to make women look more and more appealing as such. A simple pair of footwear can completely change the overall outfit. Shoes are the promising fashion statements of the past. They are no longer just worn for their practical purposes of the conventional kind. Some of the most interesting details about the shoes and fashion are what we are to discuss here in the article.

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Top Acqua di Gio Products to Smell Really Good

Designed to convey sophistication, the Acqua di Gio line of products deserves to be the proud possession of every man who desires to smell good and pose as a tempting persona. Handpicked from the range are the following best products you simply can’t ignore.

Acqua di Gio Homme
The award-winning scent amazingly entertains the men’s need to smell sensual. Fruits and herbs are just the thing to generate that powerful and much sought-after impact and this perfume delivers the same. Inspired by the marine notes with the hints of neroli, mandarin, bergamot, jasmine, persimmon, rosemary, amber, cistus, nasturtium and patchouli, Acqua di Gio Homme is a perfect idea to keep fresh the whole day along. The highlight most definitely is the woody aroma that is enough to overwhelm the senses of the people around.

Acqua di Gio Essenza
If you really wish to know what an Eau de Parfum can do for you, pick up a bottle of Acqua di Gio Essenza. Among the latest offerings from Armani, it delivers the timeless formulas in an exclusively new way. True to its name, the fragrance extracts the real essence of woody tone. The cascalone and paradisone molecules blend together subtly and deliver the goodness of jasmine, bergamot, patchouli, cedar, pepper, ambrox and several other outstanding notes. Wear it in style and your woman would find it too hard to stay away from you.

Acqua di Gio Profumo
Get noticed in the crowd of unrewarding fragrances with this intense Acqua di Gio product, packed with freshness and carrying the power to seduce. The fresh scent is borrowed from Pantelleria, a Mediterranean Island which results in the amazing use of mineral marine notes. Patchouli renders the well-known frankincense and takes the impact to a new level altogether. Do include it in your collection at least once and you might not replace it ever. Also, Acqua di Gio Profumo is the perfect gift from women who wish their men to carry the long-lasting aroma!

Acqua di Gio Homme All-over Body Spray
When the days appear long, you need this freshness-inducing body spray which keeps your mind, body and spirit alive for the entire day. Bergamot and neroli shake hand with tangerine and the freshness simply spikes up. Add to the list the jasmine petals, rosemary, persimmon, rock rose and patchouli and the perfect formula is ready. In addition to the Acqua di Gio perfumes, this deodorant body spray let you push your masculinity beyond limits.

Acqua di Gio bears the expertise of Alberto Morillas and Jacques Cavallier and is undoubtedly among the best of what Armani has offered till date. Go for one of these top-notch fragrances and lend the right expression every time you get ready to step out.

Choose Attractive Men Formal Shoes Online

Earlier the basic function of shoes was to protect your feet from the harsh environment. But these days it is not just about protection, but style as well. Not only women, but men too have started taking care of themselves. Men are now a days not just concerned about their looks but about their footwear too. Earlier this was not the case. This is a good chance that has come up. People tend to spend a lot of money on footwear, especially men. But that is not really a good option, keeping in mind that these days makes too like to have a collection of shoes.

Styleever-a one-stop shop understands all your needs. We offer you a wide range of formal shoes to choose from. Have a look at some of our trendy shoe designs. Want a pair of shoes for office to change everyday? Don’t worry. We have this utterly classy piece for you. Grab these black leather formal slip on shoes by ‘A G Footwear’ and be the trendsetter. These are must haves as they are really comfortable. They would definitely leave a lasting impression on everyone.

Have a look at these super hot pieces by ‘Foot n Style’. Its perfect finish makes it a fabulous inclusion into your collection. Pair them with your favorite trousers and shirt and get ready for a formal dinner. This piece is absolutely stunning and trendy.

Have a look at these lightweight black formal shoes by ‘Foot n Style’ and enhance your overall look. This is an impressive piece and would reflect your outgoing personality. Buy them at Besides a black piece, there should be a brown pair of formal shoes as well. Grab these durable brown leather formal slip on shoes by ‘A G Footwear’ and add another trendy piece into your collection. These shoes have a comfortable sole and provide supreme relaxation to your feet. Club it with your trousers and shirt and complete your formal look.

Although shoes are not everything but they do add an extra oomph to your personality and overall look. Wearing a perfect outfit is not enough unless and until your footwear is not up to the mark.

You can’t wear the same shoes to a party and your office. Every shoe is different. Formal shoes are classy and stylish. They make you look like a gentleman. Browse the site and be contented.

Things to Gift on Wedding are plenty of things to choose from when it comes to wedding gift options. Here are some of them:

An engraved photo frame

Photo frames are a very common wedding gift but when personalised they can make the difference. Have you ever tried presenting someone on their wedding with a personalised photo frame? If not, then try out the idea this time. Whether it is your friend’s wedding, or someone else’s if you think gifting a personalised photo frame would be a great gift to him or her, present it. The modern gallery frames that are available come up with a shiny mirror finish above as well as below the photos. What you can do is engrave a message of friendship, love or inspiration and showcase your words in the gift. Take my words, it is a beautiful wedding gift.

A personalised crystal vase

A cut vase personalised with your well wishes can make a gorgeous wedding gift. It is a wonderful gift idea for your new neighbour who has invited you for her wedding party. A pineapple cut vase would be a great gift. It has a unique pineapple design, faceted deeply for an extra sparkle. Put anywhere, it is going to add a sophistication and a touch of elegance to the space as a glittering showcase. The wedding couple can use it for keeping seashells, fresh flowers or as a potpourri.

A wedding signature plate

This is a unique plate best suited as a wedding gift. Wedding signature plates usually come with a white ceramic surface, which is the backdrop of signatures of friends and family. The names of the loved ones surrounds the heart-shaped stainless steel medallion where a personal sentiment or date may be engraved. This elegant plate is surely going to be a favourite keepsake for the receiver.

Wedding bag

Wedding bags are a very practical yet stylish gift option for weddings. Available in various vibrant colours, shapes, sizes and fabrics, there is a lot to choose from. Moreover, you do not even have to go out from your house to buy this item. Online wedding bags are available nowadays. You can order it online and gift wrap it to give it to your friend. If you know what kind of wedding bag your friend would prefer and you don’t get that on the online store, you can even personalise it.


A casserole is a kitchen workhorse. It is a big, deep utensil, which can be used in oven as well as a serving vessel. It can add style as well as functionality to the kitchenware. It is generally heat resistant and microwave safe. It is even break resistant and is generally used to store food inside the freezer for a long time. Scientifically measured insulation properties keep the food inside the casserole warm & fresh just as home packed food should be. It is a practical gift item for wedding couples.

India’s Top 5 Largest Shopping Malls

India: comes in the list of fastest developed countries. Every age group love to shop with their friend family & they also love to visit shopping places from where they can purchase their lovely products and their favorite brand.

India has number of shopping malls for best and luxury shopping experience. These shopping malls includes India’s as well international brand of products. Here is the list of India’s largest shopping malls:

  1. LuLu International Shopping Mall
  2. High Street Phoenix
  3. Elante Mall
  4. Phoenix Market City
  5. Ambience Mall

LuLu International Shopping Mall: This mall is located in Kochi, India. It is the largest shopping mall in India spread over 17 acres. This mall comes in the list of world largest shopping in the world at 80th place. The opening of the mall was done in March 2013 with 215 outlets including cinemas, restaurants, food courts, entertainment zones. This mall is constructed and managed by Lulu Group.

High Street Phoenix:  This mall is situated in Mumbai over 3,300,000 square feet area. It is owned by Phoenix Mills Co. Ltd. This mall is a redevelopment of Phoenix Mills. In the short term this mall also called as HSP (High Street Phoenix). It includes more than 500 stores of national and international brands including Ermenegildo Zegna, Canali, Bally Shoe, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Chanel, Dolce Vita, Emporio Armani, Jimmy Choo etc. It includes multiplexes, food courts, restaurants and entertainment zones. Apart from these zones it includes South Asia’s largest 20 lane concourse, was first started in 1996.

Elante Mall: This mall is situated in the city of Chandigarh, India. This mall is not largest as above malls, spread over the land of 1,150,000 square feet, it covers the area of 20 acres. It is developed by L&T (Larsen & Toubro), nowadays the company constructing metro projects in Delhi NCR region. It has retails stores over 1 million square feet in four levels of the building. This mall has 8 screen cinemas for best movie experience. It also includes kid’s entertainment zones, games zones and food and restaurants etc.

Phoenix Market City: This mall is situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India and this mall is also developed by Phoenix Mills Co. Ltd. The opening of the mall was done is January 2013. This mall is located in the luxurious residential place and it includes national and international brand such as Lifestyle, Pantaloons, Globus, Mango, Manchester United, Steve Madden. The mall also includes food courts and restaurants with variety of cuisines.

Ambience Mall: It is located at the primary location of Gurgaon; it is situated at Delhi-Gurgaon National Highway-8. It is very close to Gurgaon border. The inauguration of the mall was done in the last month of 2007. Ambience mall have more than 300 premium retail shops with national and international brands and products. The retail shops and food courts of this malls in spread over the area of 5,00,000 square feet. It also in includes markets like Next, Pantaloons, Reliance Trends, Car showrooms, Saloon & Spa etc.